All Dressed up and nowhere to Glow? You can buy the outfit, put on the make-up, false tan the bod, but how oh how do you get The Glow? Glowing skin tops the list of beauty must-haves this Summer – nothing shouts youth, energy and vitality quite like a face that has The Glow now does it?  The bad news is, you can’t buy it online. The good news is, we have five tips for you below that will put your skin firmly on The Glow path.

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We have exciting news everyone! Pestle & Mortar products are now online at


And…wait for it…you will see our products on the shelves of the Bloomingdales iconic flagship store on the corner of Lexington and 59 th NYC from September 2018.

For us, this year was always going to be all about increasing global distribution, securing coveted stockists and launching innovative and exciting new products. It’s just great when a plan comes together and Pestle & Mortar are simply thrilled to be stocked Bloomingdales. It’s a location which has long been associated with fashion, beauty and the best in brands. And Pestle & Mortar have a shelf there. We’re just chuffed to have secured this stockist, to take our place amongst the best of the best in beauty brands. Please do pop in and say hello folks!

What New Products

Well, we can’t provide details just now but suffice to say that we have at least three new products in the pipeline and you’re going to be seeing them very soon. Our range is growing, our distribution is growing but our outlook remains the same – simple solutions for beautiful skin. Each new product is formulated to compliment others in our range but can also be used as a stand-alone. Each new product has a defined purpose and we have taken great care to employ intelligent dispensing mechanisms and signature packaging styles throughout. Simplicity and effectiveness remain at the core of our formulation philosophy and we are super excited about the upcoming launches of our new products. Wish we could give you more specifics but we’re afraid you’ll just have to wait and see! In the meantime please do pop onto to say hello!

I’m exhausted but thrilled. Having appeared thrice on QVC in two weeks across two continents, I’m delighted to say that I survived the experience and am back on home soil without a camera crew in sight!

Both QVC UK and QVC US were a massive success for us. The QVC teams who coached me through the processes were fantastic – professional, reassuring and adept at calming the nerves. A sincere and heartfelt thanks to the viewers who supported Pestle & Mortar – all shows were a runaway success thanks to you!

We’ll be back soon, so stay tuned…

Sonia x
































































We were honoured to have the opportunity to interview Margaret Molloy, New York-based Irish CMO of Siegel+Gale and founder of #WearingIrish in advance of the WearingIrish NYC 2018 Event which kicks off today across the water!

The three day event honours Irish top-end designers and all things Irish. Margaret founded the #WearingIrish movement in March 2016 out of a passion for Irish Design and the desire to let the World know about it.

Pestle & Mortar are thrilled to be part of the event this year – we hope that guests enjoy our Pure Hyaluronic Serum as part of their gift bags!

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