Caroline Hirons tells you Why Superstar Retinol Night Oil is a Must in Your Beauty Kit! – Red Magazine

Want better skin? Beauty czar Caroline Hirons brings you her favorites in the latest issue of Red Magazine.

Red Magazine is full of gorgeous fashion, expert beauty advice and inspirational ideas. And in its latest issue Caroline Hirons suggests you start using Pestle & Mortar Superstar Retinol Night Oil right now!

Retinol Night Oil is a must have in Caroline Hirons’ Starter Kit!

Caroline Hirons says Superstar Retinol Night Oil is a must have in your Beauty Starter Kit! “Everyone over the age of 30 should be using retinoids. Other than SPF, this is the only ingredient that American FDA allows brands to claim has an anti ageing effect!” – Says Hirons.

Read the full story in Red Magazine, now on stands!

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