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Hate the drudgery of cleaning up your face at the end of the day? Observer Magazine reveals how Pestle & Mortar changes the way you feel!

Observer gives you a sophisticated take on news, arts and culture, style & more. Here it reviews Pestle & Mortar’s Double Cleansing System and why you should look forward to it!

Love Letter to My Complicated Face Wash Routine

At the end of a long day, washing your face is a necessary evil. Perhaps you had one too many glasses of wine or you’re simply exhausted and can barely keep your eyes open! The last thing you want to do is cleaning your face.

Bring in the Best Cleansers by Pestle & Mortar…

All that changed when I came across Pestle & Mortar’s Double Cleansing System.
The first step is the Erase Makeup Removing Balm.

I massage this all over my dry face, making sure to give my eyelashes and the waterline an extra rub, to properly remove mascara and eyeliner. After 30 seconds to a minute of massaging, I remove the feel-good Balm with a warm, damp towel. This step fully removes your makeup. Then I dry my face.

Next, is my absolute favorite part, Renew Illuminating Lightweight Cleanser. A simple press of the top will dispense the perfect amount from this airless pump bottle. Massage this formula onto dry skin and revel in the feeling, which is almost like slathering thick honey on your face. Papaya and mango enzymes will give your skin a subtle glow, while Meadowfoam seed oil clears out your clogged pores.

Use the other side of your warm, damp towel to clear the cleanser from your skin and revel in the fact that not a single trace of makeup can be detected on your towel after this step.

Results of the Double Cleansing System?

Every time my face feels cleaner than ever. And despite the time and effort every evening, I’m reaping the benefits. My acne has cleared up considerably, my skin looks fresher and absorbs moisturizer better than ever, and, most importantly, I no longer dread washing my face.

Now, I actually look forward to washing my face before hitting the sheets and I don’t mind taking the time to do it.

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