Pestle and Mortar Hydrate Shields Your Skin from Pollution! – The Cheat Sheet

Skin suffering from all that dust, grime & pollution? The Cheat Sheet recommends Pestle and Mortar Hydrate Moisturizer to shield your skin every day!

The Cheat Sheet helps you save time and live more with the most up-to-date guides, reviews and advice. Here it brings you top pollution-fighting skincare products that are your best protection!

Pollution and Your Skin!

Pollution is not a good look for our planet — and it certainly does no favors for your pretty face, either. These air pollutants can wreak havoc, working their way into pores and causing premature aging, acne, and a dull complexion.

If your bubble has burst, we have a round of pollution-fighting skincare products that can be your next best protection. All that bad air doesn’t stand a chance.

Pestle and Mortar Hydrate Moisturizer – Your Pollution Shield!

Pestle & Mortar founder Sonia Deasy set out to combat the inevitable onslaught of aging through her own skincare line. The Hydrate moisturizer does just that, providing a daily shield for skin so it stays healthy, hydrated, and ready for its close-up.

Naturally moisturizing ingredients, including jojoba and squalane, instantly make skin softer and firmer while powerful antioxidants such as pomegranate, green tea, and Vitamin E help fight free radicals and the effects of pollution.

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