3 Reasons to add an Acid Toner into your Routine

In skincare, Acids equate to vitality. There are different types of acid, all with various functions and you do need to be aware of what is what, but when used correctly and in the right concentration, an Acid Toner is guaranteed to produce the following results:

1. Acids accelerate cell-turnover

Essentially, they act like a trip to the gym for your skin. An acid toner will stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, contributing to a robust and firm complexion.

2. Restores Radiance

Sometimes, something is just not quite right. You have cleansed and moisturised, but there’s something dull about the face that’s looking back at you in the mirror. Dull skin is a subtle yet damning skin complaint that arises when dead cells build up on the surface of the dermis. An acid toner will slough away dead cells, restoring the skin to glorious radiance.

3. Preps the Skin for other Products

A hidden benefit that is not to be underestimated. Because an Acid Toner exfoliates the surface of the skin, de-congesting pores and sloughing away dead skin cells, it hugely increases the penetration of subsequent products. Serums, spritzes, night oils and masks become more effective leading to skin that is brighter, cleaner and more luminous.

In short, incorporating an Acid Toner into your routine is a no-brainer. A great place to start is with a gentle alpha-hydroxy-acid such as glycolic acid, the holy grail of exfoliating acids which promises a complexion that is smooth, refined and brightened.

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