5 Beauty Tips for Women on the Go!

5 Beauty Tips for women on the go

Children, family, work, home, friends… when you’re running around to juggle all these and stay calm, looking beautiful and fresh can often take a backseat! Here are our Top 5 Beauty tips for women on the go .

Rosy Lips… Rosy cheeks!

Going from office to party and forgot your blusher? Double up your favourite lipstick for a dab of colour on your cheeks – it works right and looks just great (as long as the shade is right for your cheeks). Lipstick usually blends in perfectly on your cheeks and nobody notices any difference. It’s a super trick for those times in need, just don’t make it a habit, sweetie!

Nails – A huff and a puff?

You’ve got to leave and you’ve just put on that bright red nail-paint that’s taking ages to dry! You can’t wear your peep-toes without smudging but you reeeeeally don’t have the time to wait… what to do? Dunk them! Yes, just dip your nails in a bowl of ice cold water and they’re done – no waiting, no smudging!

Tired eyes – Instant fix!

Working late and waking up with puffy eyes is a nightmare so real to most of us. Next time you wake up looking like a zombie, treat your eyes to cold spoons before your make-up. How? Just keep 6-8 metal spoons in the freezer for around 30 minutes and use the hollow of the spoons to soothe your eyes two at a time. Get instant uplift with no hassle!

No time to ‘eat right’? Drink them up!

In your daily mishmash of things, you hardly have the time for those antioxidant rich fruits at breakfast or a portion of rich green ‘leafies’ at lunch. But your skin needs its own healthy diet!

Fix yourself a daily dose of fresh smoothie – just blend in those seasonal fruits and some yogurt, or mix your green leafy vegetables with a hint of honey, green tea or lemon for an instant energy shot, refreshing taste, and some great skin boosters!

Let your Beauty Products Multitask!

When you can reschedule your child’s music classes, while cooking pasta and doing your laundry, why can’t your beauty products do more than one thing at a time? Invest in natural, one-in-all products like pure hyaluronic serum that work as serum, moisturizer, make-up primer and anti-aging treatment all rolled into one. Dab on a few drops and you’re dewy fresh and ready to go!

We at Pestle and Mortar understand how every woman is on the go, daily and always… and we swear by these quick tips to help us survive 24×7 with a shine and a smile. Stay happy, stay beautiful!

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