5 tips to help kick the sugar craving but still keep that sweet tooth satisfied!

5 Tips to kick those sugar cravings

By Doireann Wylde

Let’s talk food!

Don’t worry, this isn’t a rant or high-horse blog post, it’s actually about how to look and feel better while still having a good time! All the deliciousness we love comes from the sugar and fat in food. However, they are also the worst foods for your skin.  Sugar is a lovely addictive substance that gives us an instant high and makes us want more but it’s also an inflammatory. So if you happen to suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome or an Inflammatory Bowel Disease or if you like to look after your skin and avoid breakouts, sugar is the enemy!

Here are 5 tips to help kick the sugar craving and keep that sweet tooth satisfied!

1) Cinnamon is a naturally sweet tasting spice. It doesn’t spike your sugar levels and is an anti-inflammatory. All the benefits without the drawbacks! Add it to coffee, yoghurt or porridge for a deliciously satisfying hit of sweetness.

5 top tips to help kick the sugar craving but still keep that sweet tooth satisfied!2) Fruit and berries
are nature’s sweets and make the perfect replacement for dessert. They do contain fructose, naturally occurring sugars, but they’re easier to digest and there’s many other skin brightening benefits and waist cinching wonders from a fist full of blueberries than there are from a fist of jellies!

5 top tips to help kick the sugar craving but still keep that sweet tooth satisfied! blog

3) Honey, honey, ah sugar, sugar! If you really do need to sweeten your tea or porridge, opt for a natural sweetener like honey. It’s easier to digest, less likely to be stored as fat compared to table sugar, if locally sourced it can help battle allergies such as hayfever and it’s really good for your throat should you be a public speaker or teacher of some kind!


4) Sauces often contain lots of hidden sugars. When ordering food, ask for the sauce on the side. It’ll immediately reduce calories as you never use as much as they offer! If you’re eating at home, aim to make your own sauces as the one’s from jars usually contain extra sugar. To sweeten you can use cinnamon or honey but also look at using sweet vegetables like sweet potato which offers great flavour when pulsed and will also naturally thicken your sauce nicely. The added vitamin, mineral and fibre benefits are second to none and will greatly boost your overall gut health, health and skin.

5) Chocolate is allowed! It just has to be over 70% cocoa. But if you’re willing to stick with the really rich stuff the benefits are endless. Dark chocolate can help circulation (amazing for your skin, heart and overall health), it’s packed full of beneficial minerals, it contains flavonols which can protect your skin against sun damage, it can improve insulin sensitivity thus helping to curb sugar cravings, aid weight loss and even potentially help prevent against diabetes when eaten in moderation. And if all of that wasn’t enough, it also makes you feel better thanks to phenylethylamine which is the same chemical your brain releases as you’re falling in love!

It is very possible to enjoy the nice things in life while being kind to your body. And if you fuel your body correctly on the inside, you’ll notice the benefits on the outside! Happy eating! Twenty-six year old Doireann Wylde from Ennis in Co. Clare leads a

DWylde Child - Guest Blogger Pestle & MortarTwenty-six-year-old Doireann Wylde from Ennis in Co. Clare leads a fun-filled balanced lifestyle. She was diagnosed at 16 with IBS and suffered back injuries in a car accident. Instead of wallowing, she took control of her life and reformed her diet, lifestyle, and mindset. She now shares her tips for combating IBS, life hacks, and travel adventures on her daily Snapchat vlog and aspires to help others achieve wellness in their lives. She is not a doctor, nutritionist or personal trainer, but she has a lifetime of experience and works daily with food, exercise, and mindset to be the best version of herself. Always consult with your GP before taking medication, altering your lifestyle and/or dietary habits.

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