9 Top Tips For A Fun Filled Outdoor Irish Adventure!



 By Doireann Wylde

The key to a healthy balanced lifestyle, in my opinion, is good food, exercise, self-love, and people to share it all with. Summer time makes me want to get outside and see some of the beautiful island of Ireland! And it’s a brilliant way to get some exercise in and release some happy hormones without even realising it.

Plan your trip

Decide where you’re going so you can be organised and fit as much into your time as possible. There’s no point going to the Cliff’s of Moher in flip-flops and a sun top in bad weather or showing up at The Japanese Gardens too late only to find them closed. Planning and researching your trip will mean you’re better prepared.

Dress for the occasion

As lovely as you’d look posing for your selfies in a string top over looking the Cliff’s of Moher, you’re more than likely going to be underdressed! Ireland, particularly the West Coast, is renowned for it’s misleading weather. The terrain is often rocky and unstable so supportive footwear is a must. I’d also recommend a light windbreaker jacket as rain and strong wind is never too far away and bring a change of clothes and shoes because you never know what you’ll need!

Protect your skin

We are always getting caught out by the sunshine. It’s extremely unpredictable at any time of year but especially during our summer months. Use at least SPF 25 all over your body and use an oil free SPF moisturiser for your face to prevent breakouts. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and you’ll still get a tan, should the opportunity arise!

Food, glorious food

An adventure day has to include a picnic! Even if you intend to eat out, pack some healthy snacks to keep you energised throughout the day. Hard-boiled eggs, lean meats, vegetable batons, hummus, fruit, berries, dark chocolate, rice and corn cakes make fantastic on-the- go snacks. A little meal prep is always a good idea as it means you won’t need to stop unnecessarily along your journey.

Water is life

Staying hydrated is so important. If you’re travelling in a warm car, hiking scenic locations, driving or concentrating on directions, you’re going to need a lot of water! Your brain and body function is heavily dependent on your hydration levels and as an added bonus drinking 2+ litres a day will keep your skin clear, radiant, plump, youthful.


Travelling can take it’s toll on your muscles simply because you’re sitting for long periods of time. Add that to hiking, swimming and outdoor adventures and you’re sure to have some tight muscles. Stretching will help relieve tension in the muscles so make sure to include it in your morning routine, throughout the day and before you sleep at night. Your muscles will thank you for it and you’ll be nice and limber for your activities!

Power up

There’s no point reaching the summit of a mountain in this day and age unless you’ve a photo to prove it and you checked in on Facebook! (Sad but true!) So charge up your phone, camera and digital devices the night before, purchase a power bank (they’re readily available in Penneys/Primark and all technology shops) to give you extra back up and bring your charging cables with you. Most cars have USB ports now and most eateries and pubs are usually kind enough to allow you charge up while you avail of their hospitality. Oh, and make sure you have enough memory storage!


Bit of a random one but you’ll thank me! Bring a few plastic bags. These will come in handy for wet clothes, swimming togs, sandy feet and mucky shoes. Also bring a backpack so you can pop in your electronics, water, and snacks. It will keep your hands free while exploring the outdoors and save you hiking back to the car.

Bits and pieces

A towel or two always come in handy especially for beach visits. Baby wipes should be a staple in every single vehicle in the world! A box of tissues is also an in-transit must have. Having some anti-histamines, tummy tablets, pain killers and a mini first-aid kit can often come in handy especially if you’re exploring the countryside away from towns and villages.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a friend and get exploring!Have fun, be safe and take some photos for me!


Twenty-six year old Doireann Wylde from Ennis in Co. Clare leads a fun filled balanced lifestyle. She was diagnosed at 16 with IBS and suffered back injuries in a car accident. Instead of wallowing, she took control of her life and reformed her diet, lifestyle and mindset. She now shares her tips for combating IBS, life hacks and travel adventures on her daily Snapchat vlog and aspires to help others achieve wellness in their lives. She is not a doctor, nutritionist or personal trainer, but she has a lifetime of experience and works daily with food, exercise and mindset to be the best version of herself. Always consult with your GP before taking medication, altering your lifestyle and/or dietary habits.

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