All in a Day’s Work For Sonia Deasy

A day in the life of Sonia Deasy ceo and co founder of pestle and mortar

by Sonia Deasy, Pestle & Mortar CEO

The Pestle & Mortar creative director who also happens to be my husband asked me (told me) to write this blog post – I agreed with a groan because I don’t generally micro-examine what I do and I’m not a pro-blogger by any stretch of the imagination! Anyway, here it goes…….

Well, it’s now 12noon and so far today I have dropped five children to school, been to Pilates, answered dozens of e-mails, briefly visited my mother, signed off on a new product and am now sitting at my desk looking reasonably professional (I hope) trying to remember what I did this morning so that I can write it down! Cup of coffee in hand, I’m thinking about lunch if I’m honest………….

Lunch aside, it’s been a super exciting year for Pestle & Mortar and I’m quite proud of what the brand has achieved. Time to reflect……..

Superstar sells out in the USA

Pestle & Mortar’s retinol night oil, Superstar, featured on QVC, America’s largest home shopping television channel, twice this year. Looking back on my live appearance on American television, all I feel is relief that it went so well! Superstar sold out on QVC in 7 minutes which was just an incredible result. The entire experience is quite intense.  We were aware from US stockists and online sales that there was a lot of interest in Pestle & Mortar products in America but it was still a surprise when QVC asked to stock and sell all of our products. Starting with Superstar, I was asked to appear on live sales shows. Seems simple enough but actually there was months of training and endless Skype calls before the live appearance itself in QVC studios.

QVC have asked us back again for multiple appearances later this year – I won’t be as nervous this time – it’s amazing what you can learn to do. Just a few years ago, had I been told that I was to appear live on an America’s biggest sales channel in front of millions of viewers, I would have looked up from a nappy change and said ‘what?!’


Branding & Expanding – Pestle & Mortar expansion success continues!

Expanding the brand closer to home has seen major successes this year too – we recently launched in Denmark with distributor Vntycase, Danish distributor of high end perfumes and beauty products. On board in Copenhagen we have new stockist Rabens Saloneron. And of course, not forgetting our own capital city, Pestle & Mortar will soon be available at Harvey Nichols Dundrum and on their online store.

Making the brand work takes work – it’s paid off this year!

New Pestle & Mortar Eye cream about to Launch!

Love this because I love new products and by the time they launch, I’ve been thinking about formulations, trying out names and testing prototypes for months. Ever since the initial launch of Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum, we’ve been inundated with requests for an effective simple nourishing eye-cream.

Our new eye-cream will launch in November so watch this space to read what real bloggers have to say about it!

Work Life Balance – what’s the formula?

Formulation of products is one thing – a process based on science, ingredients, chemistry, organics, viscosity, scent, stability and cost – but there’s no set formula for that modern day entity which is coveted by all and achieved by few – the elusive concept of Work Life Balance!

So, I am Pestle & Mortar founder and CEO and all that that entails. I have five young children. I work with my husband. I travel frequently and globally. I feel tired after reading the last four sentences. No, seriously, magazine interviews always ask the question ‘how do you achieve work life balance Sonia Deasy?’ So what’s my answer? Have I even achieved it? Well, truthfully, it’s something that I have to be mindful of every day. I keep myself healthy, I live in the moment and I prioritise family. If I bring work home it’s work that the kids can help with – like naming a new product for example. I manage my diary so that I don’t miss important family occasions. I call my sister and talk about nothing for hours. I surround myself with great people in my business and in my personal life – my support systems are strong.

Right now though, I’m hungry!

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