Attention Men! Pestle & Mortar’s Retinol Night Oil is a Superstar for Guys

Men’s Grooming. It’s important. It’s crucial. And it’s all about Retinol this month in The Manual, the publication that is every man’s essential guide to living, grooming and fashion. Pestle & Mortar’s Superstar Night Oil makes the cut – recommended for men who are serious about looking after their skin and who would like to actually reverse wrinkles!

The Manual touts Superstar as ‘bad ass’ and describes this bad boy as being ‘no joke’. We’re not joking – check out what the Manual has to say about it right here. 

Retinol for Guys – why do you need it?

As The Manual eloquently puts it, Retinol is ‘really the only proven component in any skincare product to reverse wrinkles’. This fact is twice repeated, probably because it sounds unbelievable! Retinol is an essential part of reversing and repairing damage to your skin and it’s easy to incorporate into the male routine. Just make sure you buy the right one! Pestle & Mortar’s Superstar Night Oil is a retinol oil which is perfect for guy-skin – blended in a base of cold-pressed rapeseed oil, Superstar is a Retinol Oil which
works exceptionally well with the oils that are naturally present in the male dermis.


Oil on Oil?? Are you serious?

Yes, we are serious. Men often shy away from using anything with ‘oil’ in the description because male skin tends to be oilier than female skin and the theory is ‘Why put oil on oil? Won’t that just equal oilier?’ Male hormones (like testosterone) are responsible for causing coarse hair growth of the beard. Testosterone also increases the size of the sebaceous gland (the gland that produces sebum). This means that men produce more oil than women.

So, the oil on oil question…here’s the answer…skin will become oilier when the pH of your skin is off balance. This imbalance occurs when we use harsh exfoliants or soaps that strip the skin of natural oils. The skin then produces more oil to combat this. Using the right oil product can help balance and hydrate and prevent the oil glands from becoming too overactive. A bad-ass Retinol Oil like Superstar will re-balance oil-production and will stimulate the skin to regenerate and move through its natural life-cycle more quickly. It’s a no-brainer.

Read about Pestle & Mortar’s Superstar Night Oil here


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