Banish Crow’s Feet with Retinol!

Dreading those crow’s feet around your eyes already? Natural Health Magazine shares its secrets to keep wrinkles away!

Natural Health Magazine is UK’s leading glossy on complementary therapies, holistic living, nutrition, wellbeing and more. And here it is telling us how to get rid of those crow’s feet with their handy guide and top award-winning buys

Crow’s Feet!

Crow’s feet are one of the most common ageing concerns. Let’s discover how to banish them…

Eyes are among the first areas of the body to show signs of ageing. The delicate skin around your peepers is 40 percent thinner than the rest of your face, causing wrinkles to appear quickly.

Boost your collagen levels with Retinol in your Skincare!

Collagen is made up of amino acids – those protein building-blocks that give cells their structure, but as we age our body produces less and less. Look out for products containing retinol and peptides.

Also known as vitamin A₁, retinol increases skin cell turnover and stimulates collagen synthesis. As this substance depletes, peptides are naturally produced. These have been proven to prompt the body to create more collagen. Incorporate products with peptides into your skincare regime so that you mimick this natural stimulation.

Stay Moisturised!

Keeping the area around your eyes hydrated is crucial to stop wrinkles from forming.

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