Best Skincare Products for Autumn

Autumn is a time to appreciate the Beauty of Nature, a time when everything must Fall. With colder weather, drier air and darker days, Autumn is a time of change. Your skin changes too – dies a little, dries a little and changes colour just like the leaves on the trees. You might notice a certain tightness, a dullness or a loss of glow. Don’t worry! As we head into Autumn, here are the 3 top Fall rescue products that we recommend for Fall-en skin:

1. Superstar Retinoid Night Oil

A retinol-based night oil will supercharge your skin while you are sleeping and prepare it to face the onslaught of colder weather by providing unparalleled moisture and rejuvenation benefits. The problem with many retinol products is that they can cause irritation, but with Superstar, you don’t need to worry! It contains a revolutionary form of retinol called HPR which provides all the benefits of retinol without the irritation. Superstar is formulated in a luxurious base of cold-pressed, steam-distilled and organic oils – it’s super-nourishing, feels great and is instantly absorbed. According to our very own Sonia Deasy:

“Most women would like a little luxury in their lives. I created Superstar for these women, myself included. Superstar is a luxurious retinoid night oil which works overnight to repair and rejuvenate the skin. It’s a skincare treat at bedtime which delivers visible results. Our night oil is eponymously named for what I wanted it to be – a Superstar.”


2. Balance Facial Spritz

When your Summer glow is fading and the air is drier, the skin can quickly look dull and deflated and show signs of stress. Balance is a fine-misting facial spritz formulated to refresh, calm and clarify the skin. Easy to use, handy to carry and dispensed as a fine mist, Balance delivers hydration, improves skin health, balances sebum production and reduces skin pollution in a formulation that is blended with deep sea Irish magnesium, amino acids and herbal extracts. Spritzing throughout the day will revive that glow!

3. Pure Hyaluronic Serum

Hyaluronic Acid is a natural ingredient that has an unsurpassed capacity to hold onto huge quantities of water. It’s literally a must for anyone serious about skincare and now is the perfect time to introduce it into your regime if you haven’t already done so. Most effective in serum form, hyaluronic acid will provide your skin with stunning moisture benefits and an instant plumpness. Our Pure Hyaluronic Serum is the iconic product in our range and the recipient of countless awards…all for good reason. It’s a silky-smooth concentrate that restores skin to radiance almost overnight and is perfect for use as a velvety make-up primer, a moisture-boosting serum or just because it’s Autumn!

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