Fasten your seatbelt and listen up! We’re excited for you that you’re going on holiday and all that BUT we are worried about your skin.

Did you know that the lack of humidity in an aircraft cabin is a whopping 20%-50% lower than what the skin is most comfortable in? You may not have known it, but you probably have noticed it. This decreased humidity is responsible for serious dehydration and  a dulled-down complexion. To add insult to injury, water retention caused by sitting still, munching on salty snacks and drinking alcohol on-board causes puffy under-eye bags.

So for a smooth skin landing, follow the inflight instructions below!


Travel Make-Up Free

A dry aeroplane environment paired with occlusive makeup creates the perfect conditions for break-outs. Coupled with this, a full face of make-up will most likely appear smudgy and sloppy after hours in a cabin. So embrace your natural self, go make-up free and land smoothly!


Spritz on-board

Using a refreshing, hydrating facial spritz on-board will fight dehydration and maintain the skin’s protective barrier. It also feels energising and calming all at once – just the remedy for a stuffy flight!


Top-up with a Skin Serum

Bring a multi-tasking product on-board like a Hyaluronic Serum to plump-up skin and seal moisture into the skin. Perfect for warding-off stressed skin, flakiness and dullness.


Drink Water

We don’t mean ‘drink water and alcohol’. We mean drink water only! Hydrating on-board is essential so drink up the H2O and save the celebratory beverages for when you land with your glowing complexion.

Simple Skincare Solutions


Use an Exfoliating Skin Toner

Winter often leaves us with dry, flaky skin and more skin cells dulling the surface of the complexion. Before travelling, it’s essential that dead skin cells are sloughed away – otherwise, you’ll end up with flakiness, dry patches and an uneven complexion. Start using a mild acid toner such as a glycolic-based exfoliator as soon as your holiday dates are set. Glycolic Acid works wonders for dull skin, minimises pores and has some impressive hydrating properties too


Lighten up your Moisturiser

If you switched to a heavier moisturiser for Winter, now is the time to lighten up. Pestle & Mortar’s Hydrate is formulated with squalane – an ingredient which is not only super-hydrating but also has low comedogenicity. It is unlikely to block pores. Squalane also plays a role in protecting the skin from UV radiation. In addition to containing the super beneficial squalane, Hydrate is lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin. It is the perfect travel-prep moisturising solution , providing essential hydration without clogging pores.


Use a Serum

Lock-in moisture with a hydrating serum. Now is the time to ensure that your skin is getting maximum moisture after prolonged exposure to harsh Winter conditions. If you are serious about prepping your skin for travel, a hyaluronic serum is your best friend. Hyaluronic Acid, contrary to its name, is not harsh – rather, it’s a polymer that attracts water to an amazing extent. Pure Hyaluronic Serum will hold water on to the skin when applied over damp skin and skin will look and feel plumper, more hydrated and smoother.

Simple Skincare Solutions

In skincare, Acids equate to vitality. There are different types of acid, all with various functions and you do need to be aware of what is what, but when used correctly and in the right concentration, an Acid Toner is guaranteed to produce the following results:

1. Acids accelerate cell-turnover

Essentially, they act like a trip to the gym for your skin. An acid toner will stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, contributing to a robust and firm complexion.

2. Restores Radiance

Sometimes, something is just not quite right. You have cleansed and moisturised, but there’s something dull about the face that’s looking back at you in the mirror. Dull skin is a subtle yet damning skin complaint that arises when dead cells build up on the surface of the dermis. An acid toner will slough away dead cells, restoring the skin to glorious radiance.

3. Preps the Skin for other Products

A hidden benefit that is not to be underestimated. Because an Acid Toner exfoliates the surface of the skin, de-congesting pores and sloughing away dead skin cells, it hugely increases the penetration of subsequent products. Serums, spritzes, night oils and masks become more effective leading to skin that is brighter, cleaner and more luminous.

In short, incorporating an Acid Toner into your routine is a no-brainer. A great place to start is with a gentle alpha-hydroxy-acid such as glycolic acid, the holy grail of exfoliating acids which promises a complexion that is smooth, refined and brightened.

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It’s January so let’s assume we’re all bouncing off to the gym with ponytails swinging and lycra clinging after a session of transcendental meditation to start the day, the year, the New You.

I said ‘assume’.

Anyhow, well done – whatever it is you have decided to do or not to do. In the off-chance that it does involve the gym, there follows the Golden Rules of Gym skincare – an area that if neglected can quickly negate the feel-good factor of your work-out. A toned body is a fine thing but doesn’t present as well as it might alongside congested dehydrated skin!

 1. Go bare-faced

Before working-out, cleanse your skin thoroughly and apply a light moisturiser. Make-up mixed with sweat is not a good combination – it will lead to clogged pores, dull skin and break-outs.

 2. Avoid touching or wiping your face with your hands

Use a handcloth to pat sweat from your face – gym equipment carries a host of sweat and bacteria which you don’t want to transfer to your hot and open pores.

 3. Stay hydrated

Your skin’s BFF in the gym is your water bottle. Keep sipping to stay hydrated during exercise and to reap the maximum benefits for your skin from your work-out.

 4. Shower soon & not too hot

Shower as soon as possible post work-out to clear the pores. Avoid a very hot shower as this will strip the skin of its natural oils. Opt for a short, lukewarm shower to rinse off and refresh.

 5. Cleanse gently 

Skin can be sensitive post work-out so ensure that your cleanser is gentle, nourishing and non-foaming. Apply a hydrating serum and light moisturiser after cleansing and stay make-up free for a couple of hours.

Enjoy your work-out, follow the golden rules and look forward to a fit body combined with happy, refreshed and rejuvenated skin!

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Dry, flaky skin and a feeling of tight discomfort are all skin complaints that we hear time and time again. A lot of people find that particularly in Winter time, their skin needs something extra to look supple and feel soft. Cold weather, lack of sunshine, indoor air conditioning and excess partying (!) can be harsh and drying for skin and Winter is dreary enough without the added insult of your skin flaking off and feeling dry and dull. The good news for dry skin is that you can pretty much kiss it goodbye by incorporating the following four skincare products into your routine. A note of advice: It’s best to use all of them together in your routine as a hydrating system. And please be consistent. Consistency will produce the best results!

1. Pure Hyaluronic Serum 

With the ability to hold 1000 times its own weight in water, hyaluronic acid is an essential skin hydrating tool. This serum provides an instant skin-plumping effect and leaves skin feeling supple and looking dewy.

2. Recover Eye Cream 

The skin around the eyes needs extra special attention as it’s much thinner than the skin on the rest of the face. Every line and wrinkle will show if you have dry skin around the eye area. Recover is a soft and lightweight eye cream formulated with the active ingredient palmitoyl tripeptide-5 which serves to diminish fine lines, improve skin texture, reduce puffiness and reduce dark circles around the eye area. 

3. Balance Facial Spritz 

Aaaah. A spritz. Do not underestimate the power and convenience of a good facial spritz. Spritz all day if you need to. Balance facial spritz is a fine-misting magnesium spritz that provides protection to the skin barrier, calms the skin and clarifies the skin. It feels great and it’s a 24-hour skin saviour.

4. Hydrate Moisturiser 

Your choice of daily moisturiser is crucial. Choose one that is absorbent and that contains essential skin hydrating and skin softening ingredients. Hydrate is an ultra-lightweight skin moisturiser formulated with peptides and squalane which soothes and softens skin. It’s perfect for daily use and suitable for everyone.

And the best news is…. 

the Pestle & Mortar All I Want for Christmas set contains all of the above four hydrating heroes beautifully packaged and presented. In the unlikely event that you don’t know anyone with dry skin, get it for yourself!

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It’s Party Season again folks and we are intent on bringing you the gift of Christmas Clarity. For your skin that is – we’re not taking any responsibility for your brain! You can glitter up as much as you like when flitting from party to party, but one thing is certain – if your skin looks tired, dry and partied-out then glitter just ain’t gonna rescue your look. These simple skincare tips will though, so read on if you want your skin to be Party Perfect this season.

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Looking for stocking fillers? Do ever wonder how the Christmas stocking tradition came about? Long, long ago, it is said that St. Nicholas, upon hearing the plight of a poor man’s three beautiful daughters, decided to help. He had to help in secret, as the man was too proud to accept charity. After dark, he threw three bags of gold through an open window of the man’s house and one of these landed in a stocking! Hence the tradition of Christmas Stockings was born.

It’s a nice story and a nice tradition, but what to put in it? Well, for the skincare addict in your life, we can certainly make suggestions. Whether you’re looking for stocking fillers or a Secret Santa gift, skincare minis are sure to please. Anyone who is serious about skincare simply adores small sizes – perfect for travelling, trialling and testing.

1. 15ml Pure Hyaluronic Serum

First up is our cute and covetable Pure Hyaluronic Serum. This award-winning hyaluronic serum is the perfect multi-tasker for skin. A velvety, lightweight serum that can be used as an on-the-go hydrator, make-up primer and skin saviour.

2. 30ml Hydrate Moisturiser 

Hydrate is a skin moisturiser that everyone will love. Lightweight and absorbent, it delivers skin hydration to all skin-types. Enriched with squalane and peptides, it’s a true handbag hero.

3. 30ml Balance Facial Spritz 

Third up but secretly one of our favourites! Balance fine-misting magnesium facial spritz is a 24-hour weapon against dehydration, pollution and dullness. Spritz throughout the day for an instant skin pick-me-up. It’s the perfect little treat for the skincare addict in your life!

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For the skincare addict in your life, gifting skincare might seem like a no-brainer. But beware!
Skincare aficionados are notoriously fussy and often extremely well informed on all matters skin- related. When gifting skincare, you need to consider gender, skin type, serum- cream- or lotion- people, scent or no scent people, those who cleanse once, those who cleanse twice, oily, dry, combination, allergies, sensitivities, favourite hero actives, particular routines, diet, lifestyle, the weather, the climate, the global economy, world peace…….

Overwhelmed? Don’t be. We’ve made it easy for you with two perfect gift ideas. Not only are these gifts suitable for all skin types, all genders, all climates and all lifestyles, they also come beautifully wrapped and fabulously presented. They are literally sure to produce a swoon from Mr. or Ms. Skincare Lover and if they don’t, quite honestly, we give up!

1. The Pestle & Mortar All I Want for Christmas Set

This set is not only All you will Want, it is All you will Need. It contains four skincare products which were very carefully selected to deliver unparalleled hydration and anti-ageing benefits to all skin types. A moisturiser, spritz, eye-cream and serum. Pretty much an entire skincare wish list covered right there. Plus, it’s ultra-cool to look at and opening it is an unboxing experience. You will be the hero of Christmas giving with this set for sure.

2. The Hydrating Duo

‘Hydrated’ is the holy grail of skin-wannabe words. The Hydrating Duo contains our iconic pure hyaluronic serum and our sqaulane-enriched lightweight moisturiser. Well formulated skincare basics are always required and always appreciated and The Hydrating Duo contains products that fall firmly into the category of well-formulated. Who wouldn’t appreciate award-winning hydration basics packaged in a sleek cylinder with a ribbon after all? This is for all and sundry – even those who are a bit meh about skincare will love it.

Happy Gifting All.


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Good Lord. It’s here. The time of year when the invitations fly in the door, whizzing across What’s App groups and snapping onto chat platforms. We say things like ‘every weekend in December is ‘booked out’’ and ‘I’m refusing from now on – there’s only so much partying one can do’. There are night time events, day-time events, office events, family events. There’s the school friend’s reunion, the annual college friend’s reunion and the reunion of families. It’s true – you are booked out.

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Autumn is a time to appreciate the Beauty of Nature, a time when everything must Fall. With colder weather, drier air and darker days, Autumn is a time of change. Your skin changes too – dies a little, dries a little and changes colour just like the leaves on the trees. You might notice a certain tightness, a dullness or a loss of glow. Don’t worry! As we head into Autumn, here are the 3 top Fall rescue products that we recommend for Fall-en skin:

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