Are you Cleansing Your Face Right? Now Simply Erase & Renew!

Double Cleanse Your Skin With Pestle & Mortar

So you cleanse, right? But cleansing isn’t cleansing unless it’s done right! And the latest buzzword among beauty and skincare experts is – Double Cleansing.

What is Double Cleansing & Why is it So Important?

Double cleansing is simply cleansing your skin – twice. Truth is, your skin won’t function properly at night if it is still covered in toxic chemicals. So all those natural repair and regeneration processes of your skin become ineffective! That is why its sooooo important to remove every last trace of makeup and SPF at the end of the day.

It’s simple, two rounds of cleaning your face at the end of the day. The first cleanse is to get rid of all your dirt, grime, SPF and makeup with a light oil based cleansing balm and a nice muslin washcloth.

And the second cleanse is to deep clean and prep up your skin for all the good things to come! This essentially allows the active ingredients in a serum or night oil to penetrate your skin deeper. Do it with a soft cloth and a non-foaming gel cleanser. And do it every night – that’s all there is to it!

Why Night, why Not Mornings?

Your skin naturally repairs and regenerates itself every night – unless, it is covered in toxic chemicals that come with your makeup and SPF. This is why it is important to double cleanse at the end of the day.

While in the morning, you have no makeup or sunscreen to remove (we hope you’re not wearing make-up to bed!) – So one cleanse is enough!

How to Double Cleanse with Pestle & Mortar’s Erase & Renew?

  1. Step one – Erase!

Use an oil based cleansing balm to clean your make-up, sunscreen and other add on baggage. An oil-based balm is best to use as it doesn’t upset your skin’s natural mantel. Scoop a small amount into hands and rub together before massaging gently onto dry skin, finishing with the eye area. Remove using the muslin side of your warm, damp face cloth to clear away your dead cells and unclog those pores.

Erase contains a nourishing blend of cold pressed meadowfoam, pumpkin enzymes, and prickly pear seed oil that promotes cell turnover, fights free radicals and gives your skin the ability to retain moisture.

  1. Step Two – Renew!

Renew is a non foaming gentle cleanser that doesn’t upset your skin’s natural mantel. This is what really cleans your skin – Apply up to 1 pump to dry skin and massage gently over face and neck using upward strokes. Wet the soft side of your face cloth with warm water, ring out and remove. This helps balance your skin and prepare it to absorb your skin enriching creams.

Formulated with Superoxide Dismutase and papaya and mango enzymes, this lightweight cleansing gel leaves your skin bright, hydrated and glowing.

Double Cleansing – The New Skincare Mantra!

At the end of the day, remember – your entire skincare routine of “cleanse, tone and moisturise” is no good unless you clean really perfectly. So it’s all about double cleansing your way to healthy glowing skin!

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