Cluttered Closet makes space for Pure Hyaluronic Serum!

Doesn’t your skin crave a little more love than five years back? Kal of Cluttered Closet is candid about it and shares how Pestle and Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum helped her skin feel alive!

Kal, a self confessed beauty obsessive writes about her favourite beauty products and experiences on Cluttered Closet. Like most of us, she hates to admit her skin feel the age bite! Here she reveals how Pure Hyaluronic Serum plumped up her skin in no time…

My Skin Story…

I hate to say it but as I am now in my mid twenties, I can feel a difference in my skin. To be honest, I am aware that I need to be careful as to what I am putting on my skin. I have really been researching into what goes into the products I use, and trying to ensure I am only putting good ingredients into my skin.

Recently, in a bid to give my skin hydration and radiance whilst ensuring I am using good quality products, I have found a serum that ticks all the right boxes…

I’ve found… Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum!

This serum hydrates and smoothens even the most sensitive skin, targets fine lines and signs of dehydration, restores your healthy glow and basically sorts everything out!

Having been a fan of another hyaluronic serum, I was expecting this to be the same. However, I have been incredibly surprised at the fact that it is so lightweight and doesn’t leave that tacky feeling that others do!

The Pure Hyaluronic Serum formula is fragrance free, so it is great for all skin types, and blends like a dream. In the mornings, I find this to be so easy to work with and it does not disturb my makeup at all.

I have been using it since the beginning of June and I can attest to the fact that it leaves my skin hydrated and feeling smooth– this is coming from someone who is partial to a bit of dehydration.

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