Coveted Cosmoprof North America Trendsetter Award goes to….Pestle & Mortar!

We are breathing out, breathing in, breathing out, breathing in…….we literally CAN’T BELIEVE that the Influencers and Trendscouts at Cosmoprof Las Vegas picked us out from amongst 1278 exhibitors to win a much sought-after Trendsetter Award!

Just to put it into perspective, relatively new Irish Skincare Company exhibits for the first time at America’s largest B2B Beauty Show with over 376,000 attendees from 109 countries and 1278 exhibitors. Just over 2% of exhibitors are scouted out and awarded a Trendsetter Award for their products. And we were one of them!

A sincere thank you to all at Cosmoprof for the professionalism at the show, for the excitement and the welcome, for the opportunity to connect with the best in the industry, and for acknowledging the Pestle & Mortar vision. We are chuffed!

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