Double Cleansing With Erase & Renew – Blossom Bride Loves it!

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Isn’t it a pain taking off makeup every night? Gabriella shares her latest cleansing genius Pestle & Mortar Double Cleansing System.

Blossom Bride is the award winning boho chic blog for brides-to-be. And she’s in love with Pestle & Mortar Erase and Renew!

Double cleansing with Erase and Renew!

Erase:  Okay, let’s cut to the chase, I love this balm! It is every bit as good as the others, if not better! Sold as a “makeup removing balm for calm, balanced skin”, it does exactly that!

I found it especially good for my sensitive, dehydrated, combination skin. When you first dip your finger into the solid balm, it has a slightly gritty texture to it – which is great for a gentle exfoliation. Don’t waste those first few seconds by rubbing it in your hands!

Get it on your face straight away to take advantage of that texture, because it soon dissolves into an oil. It removes all traces of makeup, including heavy eye makeup and thankfully I don’t get the dreaded foggy eyes with this balm!

Renew: Sold as an “illuminating lightweight gel cleanser” that “deep cleanses, refreshes and illuminates.” This gel cleanser works best as a second cleanse when I apply it onto dry skin. Initially it feels quite thick. But, it turns into an oil and you have just the right amount of product with 1 pump. It has a subtle, citrus scent and feels very lightweight.

Meadow foam, jojoba and bergamot oils nourish the skin and provide moisture. Papaya, mango and radish root extract gently exfoliate and brighten the skin with natural enzymes, as well as refining skin’s texture and speeding up cell turnover, helping to “illuminate” the appearance of the skin.

The Skincare Verdict!

This balm is a God-send for sensitive, dehydrated, combination skin like mine! After using this gel-to-oil cleanser, my skin feels clean without feeling stripped.

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