It’s Double Cleansing All the Way for Sandra of The Black Pearl Blog!

Still thinking if double cleansing is for you? Sandra of the Black Pearl Blog reveals why it’s a must do for her!

Sandra is a mum and beauty blogger who loves to share her beauty trials and experiences on The Black Pearl Blog. Here’s her latest love –  Pestle and Mortar Erase & Renew!

My latest discovery is the Erase & Renew Double Cleansing System by Pestle & Mortar and I have been using it for a few weeks now, seeing really good results! The box contains three items to help you complete your double cleansing ritual…

Step 1 with Erase Makeup removing Balm

Erase is a solid balm, that you warm in your hands and then massage into dry skin. It removes all your makeup, any dirt etc.

This cleanser is very nourishing and feels great on the skin, just make sure you warm it in your hands till it feels smooth, as you don’t want it to feel grainy. I find it very effective at removing all kinds of makeup, including waterproof mascara.

Step 2 with Renew illuminating lightweight Gel Cleanser

Renew is an Illuminating Lightweight Gel Cleanser, but it’s not like a normal gel, as it doesn’t foam up and irritate the skin. It feels nice and silky and very luxurious!

You simply apply 1 pump to dry skin and massage it gently over your face and neck using upward strokes. Once you’re done, you remove it with the soft side of the cloth.

Double cleanse with Muslin facial cloth

The double sided cloth features a muslin side and a soft flannel side. So you don’t have to switch between two different cloths during your cleanse.

My Double Cleansing Experience

After a few weeks of using the Erase & Renew Double Cleansing System, I would definitely recommend it. These two are a perfect duo and leave my skin feeling super soft and add a nice glow to my face!

I did have a few days when I stopped double cleansing and I could see the difference right away. So I got back to my routine immediately. Basically, if you wear makeup, or stay in a polluted area, you should definitely double cleanse, as your skin needs it.

I know that I simply can’t get away with just micellar water, a wipe or a foaming cleanser – my skin would go bonkers! Double cleanse all the way!!!

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