5 Top Tips to Sleep Better

Top Tips To Sleep Better

Envy people who sleep easily? How you wish your brain had a switch that would turn your mind off at night. Thanks to the 24x7x365 office-at-your-fingertips, run-run-run, work-until-dawn-and-collapse culture that we so often fall short on shut-eye.

And that brings us face to face with the whole baggage of dark circles and puffy eyes!

So, here are 5 top tips to sleep better and say bye-bye to those sleepless nights –

Stick to a Schedule

To sleep like a baby, you must stick to a schedule – like a baby!

We really can’t tell you what routine suits you. Go ahead and set your routine according to your own schedule. Fix your sleep and wake-up timings and try sticking to it (No! You can’t skip weekends). This will help anchor your body clock and will rule out the need to even set an alarm in the days to come. (Ah! One less activity!)

Cool it…

Naturally, your body temperature falls as you drift into sleep. So when you can’t sleep, trick your mind and body by wearing comfortable clothes, setting the appropriate temperature and dimming the lights.

Taking a warm bath before bed works like a charm too. As your body cools gradually, you slip into sleep mode easily once you hit the bed.

Time those workouts!

Regular exercising is an excellent way to improve your sleep. Exercising in the morning can keep you charged throughout the day.

However, if you exercise in the evenings, try to finish it off at least four hours before bedtime so your body (temperature and energy levels) lets you sleep in peace.

Give yourself a Tech Curfew

We know it’s difficult, but try to say NO to technology after entering your bedroom!

Smartphone, tablets, laptops – all emit blue light that tricks your body into thinking it’s time to perk up and stay alert. Keep your devices out of your reach when you know it is time to doze off.

If you absolutely must use any of these, turn the screen brightness down to reduce impact.

Relax your Mind!

You have turned off the iPad and the TV, now what? How to switch off your mind?

Read a book, listen to soft music or do something that soothes your mind and relaxes you just before going to bed. Thinking about work or planning a party are a no-no. Thinking about pleasant memories or the best moments of the day works for most of us, but you’ve got to find your own Zen!


These top tips to sleep better can get you the quality snooze time you’ve been missing! We at Pestle & Mortar hope you’ll be dozing off in minutes tonight. And ladies, even a week of full night’s sleep can bring back those sparkling eyes and radiant face. *Good Night…Sweet Dreams!* And for the bad skin days, you can always count on Pure Hyaluronic Serum!

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