The Four Simple Rules of Eye Cream Application

Our new eye cream, Recover, launched recently. Recover is a lightweight, rejuvenating and non- irritating eye-cream which is packed with multi-tasking ingredients specifically targeted to address eye area skin concerns such as puffiness, fine lines and dark circles. Recover hydrates, protects, smooths, soothes and restores the skin around the eye area.

But, it doesn’t matter what’s in it or what it does if it’s not being correctly applied, and you would not believe the amount of people who slather it on, rubbing and pulling their eyes as they do so! In order to get the best out of your eye-cream, just follow these 4 simple rules:

1. Less is more 

Roughly a pea-sized amount is perfect. Too much eye-cream will not absorb effectively and will lead to product build up. The result will be ‘product flake’ when you put our concealer on – not a good look.

2. Bottom only

Never apply eye cream on the upper eye lid!

3. Pat don’t Pull

Using your ring finger, dab the eye cream around the brow bone and then pat in gently. Start at the outer corner (where the crow’s feet would be) and work inwards towards the nose. Don’t pull and rub the skin and don’t apply product too close to the bottom lashes.

4. Let it sink in 

Give your eye cream five to ten minutes to sink in before layering with other products or make-up.


Follow the rules above and look forward to happy, refreshed and rejuvenated eyes!

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