Looking for Skincare Gift Ideas? Read our essential Gifting Guide first!

For the skincare addict in your life, gifting skincare might seem like a no-brainer. But beware!
Skincare aficionados are notoriously fussy and often extremely well informed on all matters skin- related. When gifting skincare, you need to consider gender, skin type, serum- cream- or lotion- people, scent or no scent people, those who cleanse once, those who cleanse twice, oily, dry, combination, allergies, sensitivities, favourite hero actives, particular routines, diet, lifestyle, the weather, the climate, the global economy, world peace…….

Overwhelmed? Don’t be. We’ve made it easy for you with two perfect gift ideas. Not only are these gifts suitable for all skin types, all genders, all climates and all lifestyles, they also come beautifully wrapped and fabulously presented. They are literally sure to produce a swoon from Mr. or Ms. Skincare Lover and if they don’t, quite honestly, we give up!

1. The Pestle & Mortar All I Want for Christmas Set

This set is not only All you will Want, it is All you will Need. It contains four skincare products which were very carefully selected to deliver unparalleled hydration and anti-ageing benefits to all skin types. A moisturiser, spritz, eye-cream and serum. Pretty much an entire skincare wish list covered right there. Plus, it’s ultra-cool to look at and opening it is an unboxing experience. You will be the hero of Christmas giving with this set for sure.

2. The Hydrating Duo

‘Hydrated’ is the holy grail of skin-wannabe words. The Hydrating Duo contains our iconic pure hyaluronic serum and our sqaulane-enriched lightweight moisturiser. Well formulated skincare basics are always required and always appreciated and The Hydrating Duo contains products that fall firmly into the category of well-formulated. Who wouldn’t appreciate award-winning hydration basics packaged in a sleek cylinder with a ribbon after all? This is for all and sundry – even those who are a bit meh about skincare will love it.

Happy Gifting All.


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