A Glowing Review for Pestle and Mortar’s Illuminating Gel Cleanser!

The days of harsh cleansing products which strip the skin of natural radiance boosting oils are thankfully well and truly behind us. These days, any skincare enthusiast worth her salt knows that cleansing should be gentle and nourishing whilst at the same time doing its cleaning job. Pestle & Mortar’s Renew is an illuminating gel cleanser formulated with a combination of hydrating and soothing ingredients such as papaya, mango and jojoba oil which nourishes and polishes the skin whilst cleansing it of make-up and grime.

Refinery 29 have hailed Renew as a ‘killer cleanser’ which does the work of both a cleanser and a mask! Read what they have to say about it here.

And it Smells Amazing!

Renew Illuminating Gel Cleanser is packed with skin-nourishing ingredients. Jojoba oil is a super hydrator so when you use it, you can rest assured that you are not exasperating the drying effects of water. We recommend applying one pump of Renew from the dispenser (described by Refinery 29 as a ‘super sanitary’ dispensing mechanism!), massaging it into the face before removing it along with the day’s grime using the Pestle & Mortar double-sided cloth. The subtle scent of fermented papaya and mango is calming and relaxing. As Refinery 29 puts it – it’s a win win!

Why is Cleansing so Important?

If you’re not cleansing correctly with the right cleansing product, there’s little point in anything else. Your skin will not effectively absorb other products and you will experience dryness, flakiness, break -outs, clogged pores and dull skin from make-up and pollution particles blocking your pores and dumping any nasties they contain into your precious dermis! Do you need any more reasons than these? We think not…………

Sensitive Skin? We’ve got you covered!

A common skincare worry where cleansing is concerned is that it’s difficult to find the right product for your skin. The cleanser that is working wonders for your best friend just may not suit you. You may experience flakiness, tightness or even rashes when using the cleanser that your Mum swears by. Well, do not despair! The beauty of Renew is that it is free from nasties – it is paraben free, 100% vegan and contains no synthetic fragrance. Basically, it’s suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. As with all Pestle & Mortar products, Renew is also cruelty-free. Clear skin, clear conscience. Again, it’s a win win!

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