Hydrate Moisturizer from Pestle & Mortar – ‘A Cult Classic in the Making!’ Says Wallpaper*

What can you do daily to help your skin? Use the right moisturizer says Wallpaper!

Wallpaper, the art, fashion and lifestyle magazine is all about usable ideas. And here it tells you why Pestle & Mortar Hydrate is a moisturizer you must have in your daily skincare routine!

Irish beauty brand Pestle and Mortar quickly became an insider favourite with its debut product, the ‘Pure Hyaluronic Serum’.

As the name suggests, Pestle & Mortar’s ‘Hydrate’ is an all-over moisturizer. It visibly improves skin over time and is packed with goodness – jojoba instantly softens skin, squalane aids quick absorption, and green tea and Vitamin E fight free radicals; while pomegranate extract and peptides help promote smooth, firm skin by boosting collagen and elastin production.

Pestle & Mortar Hydrate Moisturizer – The Cult Classic

Hydrate is a product that brings a touch of luxury – without unnecessary fuss or expense! If ever a moisturizer was destined to become a cult classic, it’s this one.

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Cosmopolitan USA is recommending Pestle & Mortar’s Hyaluronic Serum!

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