Ingrid Hoey is All for Double Cleansing Your Skin Every Night!

Wondering what the fuss around double cleansing is all about? Professional stylist Ingrid Hoey tried Pestle & Mortar Erase & Renew and this is what she has to say…

Ingrid Hoey is obsessed with skincare and loves finding and sharing products that really work for her. Here’s her experience with Pestle & Mortar’s latest Double Cleansing system!

Say Hello to Double Cleansing!

Pestle & Mortar is an Irish, family made and run company (yay!). They have a new addition to the family, say hello to Erase & Renew. It comes in a beautiful package containing “Erase” a makeup removing balm, “Renew” a lightweight gel cleanser, and double cleanse facecloth.

What is Double Cleansing and should I be doing it?

In short – Yes!

Double cleansing is simply, cleaning your skin twice. To get the most out of your skincare products a deep cleanse is the key.

What does it involve?

This double cleansing business sounds like a time consuming process, but it’s really quite simple. Like any skincare routine you have got to be consistent with it to really see the results.

How has it worked for me?

I can honestly say I am converted! My skin feels so much fresher and brighter.

It’s amazing the amount of grime that comes off your skin after the second cleanse and just shows how much grime is still on your skin when you think you have cleansed it thoroughly. The product is on sale the first week in December and would make a great Christmas present for yourself or a friend!

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