Launching in Lockdown

Two Years in the Making

The latest Pestle & Mortar product has been two years in the making. It was to be our biggest launch ever. Due to Covid-19, it’s now not going to be the biggest, but it can still be the best. Our new product arrived into stock just as Ireland went into lockdown and we realized quickly that we had two choices. Sit looking at the stock and cry. Or let our customers enjoy it and hope that it brightens someone’s day while brightening their skin.

So we’ve decided to do what we do best: get creative and serve our customers.

What is it that took us Two Years to Formulate?

The latest Pestle & Mortar product has been a long time in the making. More complicated to formulate than most cosmetic products and requiring custom packaging and an innovative delivery system to make sure that it stays active, Pestle & Mortar’s latest launch is Vitamin C 2 Phase Serum. It’s an intense blend of vitamin c and natural extracts for dramatically brighter-looking skin. And in these unsettling circumstances, we can all do with some brightening up.

A Different C-Word

3 types of high-performance vitamin c means that skin gets superior vitamin c benefits without irritation. Vitamin C Phase Serum is blended with skin-brightening natural tamarind extract to deliver fresher, brighter looking skin. Innovative 2-phase pump technology mixes a vitamin c rich water phase with a super lightweight oil phase to deliver one perfect dose of velvety serum.

Launching under Lockdown

For the past few months, we’ve been calling Vitamin C 2 Phase Serum the ‘happy morning product’ in the Pestle & Mortar offices. Best applied in the morning after cleansing, it visibly brightens the skin and reduces dark spots. Ideal for skin that is dull and sad-looking, Vitamin C 2 Phase Serum cheers the skin up so that it looks and feels happy and healthy.

We’re launching it under lockdown in a very special way at a very strange time. Direct selling feels uncomfortable right now so we’ll be giving a complimentary bottle of our brand new Vitamin C Serum while stocks last

How Do You Get it?

While stocks last, everyone that spends $140 will get our new Vitamin C 2 Phase serum free of charge. There’s no delay with our online ordering system right now and we are shipping as normal. In return, we’d love real reviews from our customers. We want to know how our customers feel about the velvety texture, the creative packaging and whether it brightens up their morning and their skin as it is intended to – ***This offer is no longer valid***

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Inspired by Natural Healing, Powered by Science

At Pestle & Mortar, we combine high performance active ingredients with nourishing natural extracts to create skincare products that are simple and effective. Inspired by our founder’s heritage in Indian Natural Healing, we set out to harness the immense skin conditioning properties of natural tamarind fruit and blend them with superior quality vitamin C to create a skin serum that feels amazing. Vitamin C 2-Phase serum instantly delivers smooth skin, even tone and a naturally vibrant complexion.

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