Look what Eye made!

by Sonia Deasy, Pestle & Mortar

About a year ago, my sister who –  it’s important to note –  is older than me and therefore used to bossing me around, rang me. That in itself is not blog-worthy but the conversation we had is relevant to the recent launch of my new Pestle & Mortar eye cream, Recover. So basically, the call opened with her literally demanding that I formulate an eye cream as a matter of national urgency which would sort out the dark circles under her eyes and the wrinkles that she said had been slyly appearing ever since she hit 40.

As it happens, given our skin tone, both of us suffer with dark circles. The wrinkles, however, are hers alone for now – sorry Sis! I assured my sister at the time that of course, I was formulating an eye cream and that I would make her beautiful again. So, this post is largely to do with eyes, what I came up with in the end and what my new eye cream sets out to achieve. Hope you enjoy it!

The Skin around the Eye needs Special Love

Did you know that the skin around the eyes is under the strain of 22 muscles in perpetual motion and 10,000 blinks per day! It is also 10 times thinner than the skin on the face, all of which means that it needs some special TLC, which is what my eye cream aims to provide. My strategy centered around key ingredients, a formulation that was effective, easy to use and not prohibitive cost-wise with a consistency that felt just right on application. Sounds easy when I say it like that but it can actually be quite challenging to get everything to come together for a product formulation.

I packed Recover with multi-tasking goodness. Irish Moss extract hydrates, enhances skin texture and has proven anti-ageing effects. Beta-carotene restores suppleness and evens out skin tone. Coffee bean extract tightens, tones and is a powerful free radical fighter. My sister’s dark circles and fine lines will benefit from the active ingredient – a patented tripeptide that stimulates collagen production and healthy tissue growth so in short, mission accomplished!


Recover – the New Pestle & Mortar Eye Cream – the story behind the name 

I’ve often said that when I bring work home, it’s something that I can involve the kids in, like naming a new product. So, having watched my three young daughters lie on my bed every night for a week with cucumbers on their eyes and subsequently slathering the prototype of Recover under their eyes whilst playing ‘spa day’, a favourite game of theirs, I asked them what I should name it. Bearing in mind that they are aged 12, 10 & 7 (don’t worry – the efficacy of the product wasn’t tested on them – youth is beauty, they don’t need eye cream yet!), some of the names suggested were not quite suitable. ‘Glitter Girly Cute Eye’ was one that I recall. I decided against it.

Anyway, it ended up that my eldest daughter Sophia, who is on the cusp of glorious adolescence and who is obsessed with all things make-up, skincare and fashion (wherever she gets it from), suggested ‘Rejuvenate’. I was impressed but my slightly OCD husband pointed out that apart from our Pure Hyaluronic Serum, all our other products have a maximum of three syllables in the name.  I pointed out his mild OCD. He didn’t like it. I then said (a wife snipe), ‘you need to recover your sense of fun and danger in life’. We looked at each other – it was a make or break moment –  and then…………. ‘Recover!’ we shouted together. And that was it. The moment that had us teetering on the edge of a domestic was thankfully a make and not a break. The Pestle and Mortar new eye cream was christened, and everyone lived happily ever after in my house that night.


The Power Of Beauty Sleep – Wake Up Recover-ed

Night time skincare routines are luxurious, relaxing, restorative and required in my view. My basic night time routine consists of a double cleanse followed by Recover eye cream and topped off with my Superstar serum. I finish off this simple routine with the fountain-of-youth elixir commonly referred to as sleep!

7-9 quality hours of sleep per night enhances your looks. Your entire system recovers and rejuvenates during sleep but how is your appearance specifically affected? Well, the skin makes new collagen while you sleep leading to fewer wrinkles and the body boosts blood flow to the skin in sleep, leading to a glowing and plumped up complexion.

Additionally, not getting enough sleep can lead to dark circles, fine lines and puffiness around the eye area. When you don’t get enough rest, your body’s circulatory system is compromised. Blood then stagnates in the vessels under the eyes because they haven’t properly drained. When you are tired, it definitely shows – lack of sleep leads to puffiness and dark circles. Using products with key active ingredients on a thoroughly cleansed face before bed enhances the processes that happen naturally in sleep and sleep in turn will make the best use of the ingredients in the products. Wake up Recover – ed!

So my sister is happy for now – she’s been using Recover and has reported back saying that she loves it and that she sees a definite improvement and believes that she may soon be mistaken for my younger sister…………..

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