Being a Mum – 10 things I’ve learnt…


by Sonia Deasy, Pestle & Mortar

  • Children ruin your life as you know it but there is a better life to know.
  • There is always one child in a family who can never find his (yes, his) shoes.
  • Your teenager is the only person who can say ‘I hate you’ and you will understand it to mean ‘I love you’.
  • Your own Mum was superhuman.
  • You get where your own mother was coming from when she said, ‘there is no God if you have good children’.
  • Children keep you in touch with youth but make you feel old.
  • No one else can do your job.
  • Being a Mum makes you very tired and very happy.
  • A worried mother does better research than the FBI.
  • Your children know what your heart sounds like from the inside.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing Mums out there!



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