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Oils and skincare are the best kept secret in the world of beauty. Do you know what the top oils can do for your skin? And which are the ones you should try?

Here’s our starter guide to help you get going! If you’ve liked and tried some of the great skincare oils we introduced in our previous blog Top Oils for Better Skin, you’ll love to read about these –

  1. The Magic of Black Currant oil

Black currant oil when produced by cold-pressing is extremely beneficial for the skin. It has calming and anti-inflammatory properties that nourishes dry tired skin and restores its natural glow.

  1. Black Beauty – Black cumin seed oil

Black cumin oil is rich in Vitamins A, B, and C, and minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium and zinc! It nourishes your skin and helps it recover and repair itself by fading away scars and dark spots.

  1. Blossom on with Flower Oil!

Calendula Flower Oil contains carotenoids which are key in slowing the effects of ageing and helpful in healing chapped or irritated skin. It protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and the environment, and even helps soothe skin with acne or psoriasis.

  1. Cranberry Cocktail for your Skin!

Cranberry not just works for your taste buds, but works wonders on your skin too! It’s relatively new in skincare, but cranberry seed oil has a unique natural balance of omega 3, 6 and 9 not found in any other oil.  This exceptional quality helps skin absorb and retain moisture without getting greasy!

You’ll see cranberry seed oil pop up in moisturising lip balms, mother-to-be belly balms, creams, lotions, face and under eye creams.

  1. Foraha… for Better Skin!

Foraha seed oil promotes the formation of new tissue and is known for its healing and nourishing abilities.  It absorbs quickly and leaves no residue other than rich pleasant aroma!

  1. Show your skin some shine with Sunflower oil!

Sunflower oil helps skin retain moisture, keeps wrinkles away and makes your skin look youthful and radiant! It contains a rich mixture of Vitamins A, C and E, and antioxidants which work on your skin and pores, keeping acne at bay.

A little extra goes a long way in keeping your skin healthy and radiant. All you need to do is add the right combination of oil and skincare to your daily routine and see it shine and glow back to life in no time!

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