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Did you too ignore your skin last Holiday season? Temporary Secretary reveals how Pestle & Mortar beauty heroes helped her skin get back to its normal glowing healthy self!

Temporary Secretary is an award winning Fashion & Beauty Blog. Here it talks about its latest Skincare Heroes – Pure Hyaluronic Serum and Superstar Retinol Night Oil!

Skincare Heroes for a Radiant, Healthy, Glowing Look!

December was a busy but fun month. Besides over-indulging, the late nights, being out in the freezing cold for hours and hours, wearing more make-up than usual, and straying from my usual skincare routine for the last week of the year.

And holy moly, has my skin suffered for it! Dry, irritated, an outbreak of spots, rough texture… I felt (and looked) a bit ghastly.

Luckily, everything is back to normal now; work, routine, life, and my skin! And where my skin is concerned, I have this lot to thank for…

Pestle & Mortar Beauties for Dry, Dehydrated Skin!

The following skincare treats have been my dry skin saviour.

Pure Hyaluronic Serum

I use this serum once a day in the morning to keep my skin hydrated. It contains 2% concentrate of hyaluronic acid and for plumper skin, a single drop from the pipette dispenser is all you need.

It’s the best hyaluronic acid serum I have used to date, and I’ve tested many since the ingredient became the beauty industry’s buzz word a few years back!

Superstar Retinol Night Oil

This is the first (and currently, only) retinol I use and I am applying twice a week at the moment. It is designed to be used at night so that the retinoid can work while you sleep to repair the skin’s structure, stimulate cell growth, and boost collagen production.

All the marvellous things that help your skin to look beautifully healthy and youthful!

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