Pestle & Mortar Double Cleanse System Cleans Up at Pregnancy & Parenting Editor’s Choice Awards 2018!

Pestle & Mortar Double Cleanse System Cleans Up at Pregnancy & Parenting Editor’s Choice Awards 2018!

The Pestle & Mortar Erase & Renew Double Cleanse System has won the coveted Highly Commended Award in the Best Beauty Product Category of the inaugural Pregnancy & Parenting Editor’s Choice Awards 2018 and we are so chuffed! Every product and service in the category was rigorously tested by the discerning and experienced Pregnancy & Parenting editorial team. We’re thrilled that they loved our Double Cleanse System – we’re all about double cleansing in Pestle & Mortar!

For all of you busy Mums and Mums-to- be out there – look after your skin by Double Cleansing!

We know what it’s like to be a new Mum or expecting. It’s exhausting. It’s overwhelming. It’s joyful. It’s busy. It’s happy. It’s emotional. It’s a sea of contradiction and it’s easy to let yourself float away on a tide of disregard for yourself… but please don’t! Mind yourself – the most important person at this time is Mum. When Mum’s happy, everyone’s happy. Post-pregnancy and pregnancy skin needs gentle and consistent care, and the Pestle & Mortar Double Cleanse system provides just that. Double cleansing with the right products will ensure that your skin is cleansed, polished and prepped for whatever type of day you’re about to have! Looking and feeling ready is half the battle…

The Power of the Double Cleansing!

Think of double cleansing as a lifestyle choice. It’s a ritual that feels great, and with consistent practice, your skin will speak the benefits. Pestle & Mortar developed a double cleanse system comprised of 3 components which is easy to use, does not take a huge amount of time, produces results and is kind to skin and suitable for all skin types.

The first step in the Pestle & Mortar double cleanse ritual is Erase, a gentle, calming, lightly scented balm that glides over the skin instantly removing make-up, dirt and oil. After cleansing with Erase, skin feels calm and hydrated and is prepared for Step 2 of the double cleanse ritual – Renew. Renew is an illuminating gel cleanser which is formulated with fruit enzymes, superoxide dismutase and meadowfoam seed oil.  Renew improves skin tone, tightens pores and leaves skin polished and illuminated. It feels divine when massaged into the skin – meltingly soft and gently scented, it polishes the skin leaving it refreshed and nourished. The third component in the double cleanse ritual is the Pestle & Mortar double sided 100% cotton face cloth. The textured side is used to remove Erase; the smooth muslin side is used to remove Renew. And the cloth has also been known to assist in baby-related spillages and leaks…truly multi-purpose…just what every Mum needs!


Here’s what one busy Mum has to say about it

According to Pestle & Mortar Founder and busy Mum-of-five Sonia Deasy:

“As a busy mum with five children, I like my skincare routines to be effective, simple and enjoyable. Double cleansing prevents the skin from becoming dull and prepares it for optimal absorption of active ingredients in creams and serums. I formulated Erase and Renew to effectively cleanse, polish and nourish the skin and I wanted the application ritual to be enjoyable and beneficial also.”

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