Pestle & Mortar Founder Features in Munster’s No. 1 Social Diary

Pestle & Mortar founder Sonia Deasy is on the cover of this month’s Hi Magazine, Munster’s No. 1 Social Edit for discerning readers!

‘Hi’ snatched an interview with Sonia and it makes for interesting reading so don’t miss it…it’s all about life as a busy CEO & Mum, life inspirations and daily habits. As well as our founder being on the cover & in the mag, Pestle & Mortar products Erase Balm Cleanser and Pure Hyaluronic Serum are proudly named and displayed in ‘Hi Best Beauty Buys’ – we couldn’t be happier!

Hi Best Beauty Buys names Pure Hyaluronic Serum as a Best Beauty Buy

Our Pure Hyaluronic Serum really is doing us proud, and the secret is in the formulation. Pestle & Mortar’s Pure Hyaluronic Serum is lightweight, free from pore-clogging skincare nasties, and is formulated using a low-molecular weight hyaluronic acid compound to ensure maximum penetration and instant results. Hyaluronic Acid is a vital substance found naturally in skin which supports the structure of the organ. Its job is to keep every aspect of the skin stable and constantly renewed. It has the enormous capacity to attract and hold vast amounts of moisture and is thus super-hydrating.

You know how a baby’s skin looks so plump and deliciously dewy? That’s the hyaluronic acid effect, but unfortunately, the amount of hyaluronic present in the skin diminishes with age. Incorporating hyaluronic into your skincare regime is therefore crucial to maintaining a youthful complexion.

Read about Pestle and Mortar’s Pure Hyaluronic Serum here

Double Cleansing – an absolute must for anyone serious about skincare!

We are doubly chuffed as our Erase Balm Cleanser also made it into Hi’s Best Beauty Buys! Erase and Renew is the Pestle and Mortar multi award-winning double cleansing system. Comprising 3 components, the system was born from a desire to satisfy 3 principles of facial cleansing –

-that the face should be cleansed twice in order to achieve optimum results

-that the cleansing ritual should be a holistic treat rather than a chore

-that the cleansing process should perform the trifold function of cleansing, polishing and nourishing the skin

1st Step Erase – a meltingly effective and naturally scented cleansing balm.  2nd Step Renew – an illuminating lightweight gel cleanser. The final component is the double-sided muslin cloth – an essential tool in the ritual that is the Pestle and Mortar Double Cleanse.


Read about Pestle and Mortar’s Double Cleanse System here

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