Pure Hyaluronic Serum is Exactly What I Want! – Jane Pratt on XoVain

Isn’t it time you started taking care of your skin? Beauty editor Jane Pratt of XoVain has re-hauled her skincare routine and here’s what she likes…

XoVain is Jane Pratt’s beauty site where there are no secrets. And here she tells us why Pure Hyaluronic Serum is one of her top picks!

Handling the Signs of Ageing Skin!

Despite my desk basically being a fort made out of beauty products, I don’t subscribe to any elaborate self-care or pampering routines. As a beauty editor, I love checking out new products, of course, but ultimately, I go home and use just a handful of basics, seeing them through until their bottles are empty.

And, I mean, I knew I wouldn’t look 29 forever, but maybe that lack of trying is what made me suddenly jump up and notice. So, for fall, I’m doing a total overhaul of my skincare

Pure Hyaluronic Serum!

I want the serum I use in the morning to be focused on hydrating my skin and getting it out of its dull sleeping stupor.

Made with just a few ingredients like moisture holding ha, aloe and vitamin E – none of which increase photosensitivity – it’s exactly what I want to set the stage for my moisturiser and makeup!

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