Put your Party Face On …..but please don’t leave it on!

Avoid Pore Poison this party season

Good Lord. It’s here. The time of year when the invitations fly in the door, whizzing across What’s App groups and snapping onto chat platforms. We say things like ‘every weekend in December is ‘booked out’’ and ‘I’m refusing from now on – there’s only so much partying one can do’. There are night time events, day-time events, office events, family events. There’s the school friend’s reunion, the annual college friend’s reunion and the reunion of families. It’s true – you are booked out.

It’s time to think about your Party Face. The Party Face is your social mask, your feel-good confidence booster, your other self. Remember, there’s no reason why your Party Face should not be almost the face that you wake up to in the morning. You should be enhancing naturally healthy and glowing skin with make-up, not covering it. Nights out take their toll, but a simple and effective skincare routine carried out consistently will ensure that your skin looks and feels its best throughout the madness.

What actually happens to your skin when you sleep with make-up on?

Think about when you take your make-up off at night with facecloth and balm cleanser. The cloth looks like it has been dragged through an Irish rugby pitch – albeit a glittery one. If, on the other hand, you don’t bother to take your make-up off, your pillow will be make-up stained and will not look pleasant but it will not look as bad as that cloth! That’s because your skin has absorbed half the product that was on your face, leaving the other half on your pillow. Skin absorbs in sleep. Absorbed makeup will trap dead skin cells, preventing them from sloughing off and leaving you with a dull complexion. Sleeping with makeup on leads to dehydrated skin, broken eyelashes, increased exposure to free radicals, dull skin tone and wrinkles.  In short, not taking your make-up off at bed-time is Pore Poison. So please do it.

Cleanse & Hydrate – the secret weapons for Party Face Perfection 


We are begging you not to fall into bed with your Party Face on. Not cleansing your face will leave your skin dull and dry. And it’s so simple. Firstly, remove heavy make-up using an oil-based balm cleanser and secondly, buff the skin to remove any traces of product using a gentle skin polisher. This habit will prepare your Party Face. You will require less pore-clogging make-up because your skin will be cleansed, nourished and polished. You will be flicking that contouring brush smugly over a prepped, preened and polished black canvas. One last thing – use a gel cleanser first thing in the morning to remove excess sebum. You’ll be ready to go!


And now for hydration. It’s essential. And we are not just talking topically. Drink water. Down your four pints of water before the party, intersperse alcohol with water at the party and don’t forget the pint before bed. Wake up practically party ready for the next night!

No Guilt! Social Soul Benefits

Guilt is a wasted emotion. Don’t feel guilty this Christmas as you party hop – socializing is good for you. Human interaction and social connectedness generates feelings of emotional well-being. Emotional well-being benefits physical well-being. So, it’s all good. It’s good to meet people, have fun & re-connect with people you haven’t seen in a while. It’s not enough to just exercise and eat your vegetables – emotional connectivity is essential for humans to thrive. It’s good for the soul so get out there and enjoy it! Just don’t forget to cleanse and stay hydrated………………!

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