Why Retinol is a Must in Your Skincare! – New Beauty

New Beauty Magazine is loving Retinol Night oil

Still worried about the side effects of retinol? Stop and read The Top 6 Reasons to Add Retinol to your Skincare by New Beauty magazine!

New Beauty is the beauty authority on everything skin, body, hair, anti ageing, product news and reviews related. Here it talks about how Superstar Night Oil works for you and how easy it is to start loving it!

H2 – 6 Reasons that will convince you to use Retinol

#1 – It works!

The trend – a surge in plant based versions – Pestle & Mortar Superstar. New plant based topicals from various sources are being developed that have all the good qualities without causing irritation, says Dr. Anson.

Read more about it in New Beauty, January issue…

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