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Wondering what good retinol can do to your skin? Jennifer at Barely There Beauty tells you just that as she tries and tests Pestle & Mortar Superstar!

Barely There Beauty is a British beauty and lifestyle blog. And here’s its take on Superstar Retinol Night Oil!

Superstar Retinol Night Oil – decoded!

If you’re interested in hearing my thoughts on the latest retinol oil on the block, keep on reading!

Let’s give a quick nod to the packaging first – you’re bound to like it. Tough, matte, black plastic bottle with a pump dispenser, it’s nice and thin and travel friendly. Also, protecting your product from light and air degradation!

What’s in your Retinol Oil?

Taking a look through the ingredients is quite a reassuring experience – lots of ‘cold pressed’ and ‘organic’ and ‘steam distilled’ ensures you’re getting good quality oils, high in vitamins, omegas and fatty acids.

The star of the show here is Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate – a retinyl ester that works in the same way as retinols,  causes less irritation than retinols and is suitable for ‘retinol beginners’!

Effects of Retinol Oil on your Skin?

On the skin it feels as any other oil would, in all honesty. Thanks to a base high in jojoba oil, it sinks in pretty readily and is nice and lightweight, although definitely leaves that glistening sheen on the skin, more so on my face than on my hand.

One pump is more than enough for my face. Come morning, my face felt soft, plump and hydrated, even after wearing this alone, which is an excellent sign!

I’m relatively new to the retinols game but this caused no hint of irritation or peeling, and I actually think it helped to calm some of my active blemishes. I think this would be suitable for all skin types, whether you’re dry or oily too.

The Skincare Verdict!

All in all, I’m going to give this product a huge thumbs up – I think the emphasis on minimalism and quality really makes it stand out.

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