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What’s the deal with Retinols? Blather and Beauty brings you the inside story on retinol night oil…

Leanne of Blather and Beauty has a serious grá for skincare & loves anything shiny! And here she reviews Pestle & Mortar Superstar Retinol Night Oil for you.

Pestle & Mortar & Skincare!

Since the launch of Pestle & Mortar  back in 2015, I’ve been a huge fan. Not only is it an Irish company but one that bloody knows its stuff when it comes to skincare.

With their sublime and minimal packaging, they not only look great on your bathroom shelf, but I can hand on heart say, I’ve never been disappointed!

So What’s The Deal With Retinol Night Oil?

Retinol is used to help slow the effects of ageing that are shown in the skin, help to resurface and rejuvenate the skin, leaving clear and youthful skin. Good stuff eh?

Another good thing about Retinol is that it has extremely small molecular structure. It goes straight to work smoothing wrinkles and improving skin texture – all while you sleep.

I have found no irritation while using this product and I use every 2nd night. The beauty is also the skin-loving natural oils that they have packed into this tube.

Did I See A Difference?

You are not going to see results overnight, although you will feel your skin a lot softer from the first use!

I have been using now for 10 weeks and skin clarity has vastly improved, acne scars have diminished and I get much fewer breakouts than before.

Skincare Verdict – Would I Re-Purchase?

When this runs out I will definitely re-purchase – no doubt about that! It’s a great addition to your skincare especially if you are 30+.

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