Superstar Retinol Night Oil is a Miracle Maker! – Beautylymin

Superstar Retinol Night Oil is a Miracle Maker! – Beautylymin

Looking for new exciting beauty products for better skin? Find out why Siobhán of beauty blog Beauytylymin is currently loving Superstar Retinol Night Oil!

Beautylymin is all about Siobhán’s honest product reviews, regular hauls and all things beauty. And she writes about why she is obsessed over Superstar!

Currently loving – Superstar Retinol Night Oil!

It arrived in beautiful packaging, but it’s the product inside that counts! The name says it all with this product – it is a night oil, containing retinol and it is a superstar! It also contains cold, pressed organic oils containing vitamins A, E, C and B as well as Omegas 3 and 6.

Pestle & Mortar Superstar Retinol Night Oil is a lightweight oil and absorbs quite quickly and even one pump really is ample! Over the last 6/7 weeks of use, I have found my skin to be much smoother, with more refined pores and my fine lines in the eye area are much less pronounced.

Why Superstar is a Miracle Maker?

However, the real test for Superstar was on Christmas Eve…

I woke up with a huge, cystic spot on the side of my jaw – it was very, very prominent! I applied a small amount of this oil in the morning. The swelling reduced by evening but when I came home, I removed my makeup, applied the oil and waited a while. And the next morning (Christmas Day), the spot had all but disappeared.

On Christmas night, I applied more oil and the next day, it was literally gone – there was absolutely no redness, blemish – anything! This is a miracle worker! 

I have been using it regularly for 6/7 weeks and will continue to do so because I am loving the results.

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