Self-Care Rituals: Ingrid Hoey

Ingrid Hoey is a fashion stylist and fashion presenter. Ingrid lives in Dublin with her husband Neil, two daughters, and a 9-year-old Bischon Frise dog that thinks she’s human. She sat down with us and shared how she practices self-care every day. 

What does self-care mean to you? 

Self care to me, is taking time out of the day to do something that I enjoy . It is doing something for myself.

If you had 5 mins to do something nice for yourself what would you do?

If I have 5 mins I make myself a cuppa and sit in the rocking chair in my kitchen.

How do you incorporate self care into your daily routine?

For me it is through exercise. I workout twice a week and try to run twice a week also.  I go for a long walk everyday with my dog regardless of the weather. I have been known to drag her around (she is TINY!) in torrential rain! 

 Do you have anything that adds a touch of luxury to your daily life? 

I have a beautiful silk eye mask by KDK , two fabulous Irish sisters, which I got as a gift. That goes on every night at bedtime!

What’s your favourite spa treatment?

A facial followed by a body and head massage.

What is the first thing you reach for when you are winding down?

Whatever book I’m currently reading!

*As a thank you to Ingrid for taking part we have made a donation to Pieta House in her name

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