Six Simple Travel Skincare Tips to keep your Skin Hydrated!

Travelling for work or going on a holiday? We bring you our Super Six Travel Skincare Tips to keep your Skin Glowing on the move!

Hydrated skin is far from your mind when you’re out and about. But the damage may not be easily reversible! Our simple Travel Skincare Tips help you keep it glowing without much fuss…

1. Stay Hydrated!

Wherever you’re going, a sunny beach holiday or skiing on snowy terrains, they can all have a dehydrating effect on your body and skin! So it’s a must to keep your body hydrated and pump in the water.

Always carry a small bottle of water or a hydrating drink like lemonade with you (no, alcohol doesn’t count!) and keep sipping every hour.

Just like your body needs its water supply, your skin needs its dose of hydration too! It’s a skincare must to carry a travel friendly pack of a nice hydrating serum like hyaluronic acid which helps your skin lock in and retain the moisture content.

2. Ban the Sun!

Oh it’s cloudy? Maybe you can’t see the sun; but its harmful UV rays can definitely see you!

Not wearing an SPF when you travel is the biggest mistake. So whether you’re working indoors or sunning it out at the beach, always carry a handy travel pack of SPF in your bag and reapply as required.

3. Au Natural!

Long haul flight? Try not to wear make-up. Wearing makeup with that dehydrating airplane air around you only absorbs all the moisture content up – making you look flaky.

If you need to be ready on landing, its best you keep it natural on flight with dabs of moisturizing serum and only apply makeup before you arrive at your destination!

4. Cleanse – But NO Face Wipes please!

Yes. Wipes are really easy to use when you’re travelling – but do they really clean your skin?

Experts suggest that all wipes do, is shift around the dirt and grime from one part of your face to another. And the combination of chemicals and moistened grime further blocks your pores – leading to breakouts!

Not great, eh? So the next time you’re travelling – splash on some face mist to feel refreshed and wash or cleanse your face with enriching gel/balm based cleansers whenever you can.

5. Warm Showers!

All you need is a long steaming hot shower to soothe your body and mind after a tiring journey… right? Wrong!

Keep your showers luke warm and short – hot water might feel good and relaxing but it dehydrates your skin with every passing minute.

6. Moisturize

So you’ve had a long day running around and you really don’t have the time for a lengthy skincare routine before you hit bed? Think again. Your skin has had an even more tiring day fighting off the UV rays, extreme weather, dust, grime or drying air conditioned air!

Just like you can’t do without snuggling up in those protective blankets, your skin needs it’s protective and re-hydrating layer of moisturizer to get it back to its soft, balanced, regenerative night mode.

There you go! These simple travel skincare tips are enough to ensure your skin remain hydrated, soft and glowing no matter where you’re travelling. Bon Voyage!

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