3 Skincare Basics for every Skintype

Deciding on your personal skincare routine can be confusing and time-consuming and can involve (often expensive!) trial and error. There are a few basics that are literally the Holy Grail of skincare routines. Once you have these basics covered, it’s easy to build your own routine to suit your specific skin needs.

1. Double Cleansing is non-negotiable

If your face is not properly cleansed, nothing else matters. Double cleansing is simply cleansing your skin twice and can make a huge difference to your skin. The first cleanse removes any makeup or SPF while the second cleanse will deep cleanse and treat your skin. If you are not thoroughly cleansing, active ingredients from your other products will be unable to penetrate your skin.

2. Don’t be afraid of Acids

The word Acid in skincare products tends to sound scary – should I really be putting an Acid onto my skin. Don’t be afraid! Hyaluronic Acid, for example, is a substance which is naturally present in our bodies from birth. It’s responsible for the plump and dewy appearance of youthful skin. Because our Hyaluronic Acid stores deplete rapidly as we age, it’s virtually essential that you include it as a basic in your skincare routine.

3. Hydrated Skin is Happy Skin

Flaky, dull skin with surface roughness are skincare issues that almost everyone has experienced at some stage. Skin needs water so make sure you are drinking plenty. Once this basic is covered, turn your attention towards providing your skin with supplementary moisture and hydrating aids via skincare products. Choose a serum like Hyaluronic which holds water onto the skin. Spritz regularly throughout the day and use a moisturiser which is absorbant and which contains natural moisturising factors that will soften and smooth the skin.

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