3 Skincare Tips For Brides To Be

Listen up Brides, this is important. We know that you know that glowing skin is your number one bridal beauty accessory. We also know that you’re probably investing in facials, treatments and miracle pore-reducing therapies. And possibly putting them into the wedding budget planner under ‘miscellaneous’….

Miscellaneous is not going to produce miracles. Consistent produces miracles. As the wise man said, ‘don’t be disappointed when you don’t get good results for the work you didn’t do’. And caring for your skin is definitely not an exception to the effort = reward rule. So, yes, invest in the treatments – treat yourself – but please do not neglect the following 3 essentials when it comes to your daily skincare routine:


There are lots and lots of therapist treatments that you might invest in on the run up to your Wedding Day, but your home routine HAS TO back you up. What you do every day is what matters most. Embark on a double cleansing routine as soon as you get engaged. The better prepared your skin is, the more flawless your make-up will look. Double cleansing is a ritual which sloughs away dead cells and ensures skin is prepped and ready to optimally absorb other products.


If what you are trying to achieve is a dewy, glowing complexion, hydration is key. Hyaluronic Acid is a water-loving super ingredient which locks in moisture. A good hyaluronic serum will work wonders for your bridal complexion and your make-up application. 


Don’t waste your sleep time! When you are sleeping, cell division happens – processes that renew and repair the skin, and this is when skin cells need nutrients the most and when products with anti-ageing benefits have maximum impact. Invest in a premium night oil with an active such as Retinol – the benefit to your complexion will be unrivalled.

And lastly Brides, don’t forget to sleep, drink water, eat a balanced & healthy diet and laugh a lot in the run up to your Wedding Day. It’s the most special of special days. Enjoy it.

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