Skincare mistakes we all make – but should NOT!

Skincare Mistake we make but shouldnt

As they say, healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness. But sometimes unknowingly (or knowingly and lazily…) or you make the biggest skincare mistakes.

Here are 6 skincare mistakes you must not make a habit out of! See’em, learn’em and fix’em…

Smoking away to glory…

If not for your heart, lungs and bones; quit that smoke for your skin! Smoking one cigarette hinders blood supply for nearly 90 minutes, which means lesser oxygen for your skin, resulting in premature ageing and loss of natural glow. Quit dear, now!

Sunscreen, what sunscreen?

You’ve always heard about SPF, but who cares? Well, you should! Unprotected sun exposure results in pigmentation and affects your skin’s elasticity. Add sunscreen to your daily routine, pronto.

I’m too tired to cleanse!

Guilty? Sleeping with your make-up on because you had a tiring day or because you were a few too many drinks down. Well! Once a month is ok maybe, but not more! At night, your skin renews itself naturally. So sleeping without cleansing – clogs the pores, resulting in fine lines, acne, blackheads and dullness.

Keep your make-up remover next to your bed, so that even on those tired nights you don’t forget to swipe it all away!

Daily skincare… who has the time!

Your mind and skin share an intimate relationship. When you are happy your face glows, when you are tensed your face appears lackluster, don’t you think so too?

We’re all under pressure and stressed out daily – leading to dullness and breakouts. Find time to schedule your daily stress-buster activities and don’t neglect your skincare routine at any point!

I can do without sleep…

Sleep deprivation steals your skin’s natural glow, accelerates ageing, results in dark circles and puffy eyes. Isn’t that reason enough? Sleep your full ladies… after all; beauty sleep isn’t just a saying!

Eat whatever!

Ok, there are some foods that are good for your skin and then there are foods that are bad. Add foods that keep your body hydrated and are rich in Vitamins. Avoid foods that trigger breakouts. Drink tons of water and let your skin drink in the healthy stuff like hyaluronic acid. Eat right and look pretty!

There it is. Our list of top skincare mistakes we all makebut should not! At Pestle and Mortar, we believe that if you love your skin – it will love you back. Keep glowing!

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