Christmas Clarity. A Guide to Saving your Skin this Party Season.

It’s Party Season again folks and we are intent on bringing you the gift of Christmas Clarity. For your skin that is – we’re not taking any responsibility for your brain! You can glitter up as much as you like when flitting from party to party, but one thing is certain – if your skin looks tired, dry and partied-out then glitter just ain’t gonna rescue your look. These simple skincare tips will though, so read on if you want your skin to be Party Perfect this season.


1. H20 

It’s essential and especially at this time of year. Drink lots. Drink it in the morning, drink it in the evening, drink it in-between drinks and before you crash into bed. Make it a habit and all those alcohol and heavy food-related toxins will be flushed out of your system. Skin will be hydrated from the inside and you will wake up feeling better too!

2. A Skin-Saving Skincare routine

We thought about this a lot. And all of that thought is packed into the Pestle & Mortar All I Want for Christmas Set. It ought to be re-named the ‘All your Skin wants for Christmas Set’…..four products that will save your skin before, during and after party….

Skincare tips are plentiful at this time of year, but there really isn’t any miraculous mask that will provide magic results instantaneously. The key is to use everyday products that will provide consistent and continuous benefits. Our All I Want for Christmas set contains a set of products that combat dullness, reduce fine lines, calm the complexion and maintain optimum skin hydration. Including the eye area. It’s quite simply a quartet of skincare that will make your skin sing.

3. Sleep

This is the third weapon in your arsenal against dullness, tiredness, puffy eyes, fine lines and a host of other skin complaints. When you’re sleep deprived, the body makes more cortisol, which is a skin-stressor. So in between parties, do make sure to get the zzzzzzz’s…

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