Stay Warm and Glowing this Winter – with Pestle & Mortar’s Winter SkinCare Tips!

Winter skincare tips

Winter is here. Is your skin ready to face the change? Find out what you can do now!

Your wardrobe has changed with the weather, but what about your skincare routine? Is your skin prepped up for the winter? Pestle and Mortar bring you five simple steps to get you through the winter – with glowing skin!

Winter Skincare Tip #1 – Don’t Face the Sun!

Just because its winter and you love the sun, doesn’t mean you skip out on your sunscreen. Whether it’s mildly sunny or cloudy, the Sun’s UV rays are lurking around ready to cause damage to your skin. If you’re concerned about dehydrated skin, lines and wrinkles – make sunscreen your best buddy even in the winters.

Winter Skincare Tip #2 – But Don’t Go Undercover either!

During summers, you love the outdoors and go running, exercising and sweat it out in the open. This flushes out your body’s toxins and improves circulation and keeps your skin healthy and glowing.

While it isn’t a great idea to stay out in the harsh cold weather, don’t cut out those exercises from your routine. Shift your sweat-zone indoors to keep your body fit and skin healthy. 

Winter Skincare Tip #3 – Bathe Right

Winters and hot showers – who doesn’t love them! Well, to be honest, your skin doesn’t! Keep your showers lukewarm and short. Hot water actually dehydrates your skin.

Winter Skincare Tip #4 – Deep Hydrate and Moisturise

Yes. Just that moisturiser is not enough! Your skin needs more intense hydration and something to lock in the moisture within your skin’s layers. Use a naturally hydrating serum on your skin before applying your regular moisturiser. This dives in and soothes your skin and help lock in the goodness of your moisturiser too – leaving you softer, smoother and glowing!

Winter Skincare Tip #5 – Tone It Up!

Whoever told you that toning and exfoliating during winters will dry up your skin? On the contrary, since you are loading up on those moisturisers and lotions, it is essential to strip clean your skin of dead cells ever so often using a mild acid toner.

Piling up moisturisers without exfoliating dead skin, will only leave you looking dull and drab. So, tone your skin regularly and follow it up with a soft hydrating serum to calm and soothe your skin.

When you are armed with the right skin saviours, winters can do no harm! Just make sure to take out those few precious minutes of ‘me time’ everyday and look fresh and glowing this winter.

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