Straight to the point. Addresses main features. Asks and answers relevant questions. Doesn’t employ technical overkill. Product tested for 2 months. These are all features of Caroline Hirons’ recent review of the Pestle & Mortar eye cream, Recover. If you want a respected reviewer’s review of Pestle & Mortar’s Recover Eye Cream, simply read Caroline’s recent blogpost here

We are thrilled to read Caroline describing Recover as light, hydrating, effective and non-oily. We formulated Recover to tick all of these boxes and it’s just fantastic when a plan comes together!

 As Irish as Bono and good tea!

And proud of it we say! Yes, we’re as Irish as Bono and proud to say that over the next couple of years, our plan is that our distribution will grow as global as U2. We’re already on the shelves in Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge this year and gearing up to be stocked via some big American online retailers in the near future. Just like Lyon’s tea, you’ll soon be able to get Pestle & Mortar products just about everywhere…

The packaging is a joy!

We are passionate about a lot of things here in Pestle & Mortar and dispensing mechanisms and packaging are right up there. Recover is packaged in an airtight cylindrical bottle which dispenses every last drop. According to Caroline Hirons, ‘the packaging is a joy’. She noticed that the lid snaps shut with a very satisfying click – prefect for travel and just as we intended.


What’s not in it?

Well, Recover eye cream is free from all the nasties like parabens, silicones, sulphates and synthetic fragrance. It is vegan and cruelty freeCaroline sees Recover as being ‘extremely agreeable for those of you with hayfever/itchy eyes/contact lens wearers.’ It is light in texture, easily absorbed and has been clinically tested, dermatologically tested & clinically proven to be kind to skin, mild for skin, and safe for skin.

So what is the active ingredient?

Recover contains optimal levels of an active peptide, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 in a formulation which is rich in a host of other super beneficial ingredients such as coffee bean extract, passionfruit seed extract, Irish moss extract and beta-carotene. Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 tells skin cells to boost collagen production naturally. This makes it a super-effective anti-ageing tool, particularly as other products that contain animal tissue derived collagen may be too thick to properly penetrate the skin

Read about Pestle & Mortar’s Recover Eye Cream on Caroline Hirons blog here. 

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