We are so excited! We have been chosen as finalists in the Pure Beauty Global Awards. Category, Best New Skincare Product. Product, Recover, the Pestle & Mortar new eye cream. Shortlisted!

The Pure Beauty Global Awards invite the best of the best entries in the Global Beauty World, so it’s really a superb honour to have been chosen by a panel of acclaimed International Beauty Experts!

Recover the Pestle & Mortar eye cream is a finalist!

Recover is our newbie and it’s making waves already. Shortlisted in the Pure Beauty Global Awards, Recover is an eye-cream formulation that is making us proud!

Here’s what Pestle & Mortar founder Sonia Deasy has to say about it:

“Dark circles, fine lines, bags, puffy eyes – I think every woman has been the unwilling owner of at least one of these afflictions and every woman has known the frustration of trying to cover-up tired, puffy or lined eyes. The sentiment that was my basis for formulating my eye cream was ‘recover instead of covering up’. Recover is an eye cream which was carefully formulated using a superior active peptide in a base of multi-taking, nourishing, anti-ageing and soothing ingredients. It is active, not reactive. It is my answer for the delicate skin around the eye area.”

Enough said! Good luck in the Awards Recover!

Read about Pestle & Mortar’s Recover Eye Cream here.

by Sonia Deasy, Pestle & Mortar

About a year ago, my sister who –  it’s important to note –  is older than me and therefore used to bossing me around, rang me. That in itself is not blog-worthy but the conversation we had is relevant to the recent launch of my new Pestle & Mortar eye cream, Recover. So basically, the call opened with her literally demanding that I formulate an eye cream as a matter of national urgency which would sort out the dark circles under her eyes and the wrinkles that she said had been slyly appearing ever since she hit 40.

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