Pestle & Mortar co-founder and CEO Sonia Deasy has made the final 24 in the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of the Year™ Programme 2019. The EY Entrepreneur of the Year™ is a world-class development programme that supports, advises and connects a community of entrepreneurs, championing entrepreneurship throughout the island of Ireland. Over the past 22 years, Ernst and Young has been on a mission to celebrate Ireland’s bravest and most inspiring entrepreneurs.

Finalists in the programme are challenged to step back and think differently about themselves and their businesses and create relationships with former winners and Alumni with a view to helping to grow their business further. This year, the theme for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year™ programme is ‘Be Brave, Be Bold’. Finalists will be challenged to leave their fears behind and face risk head on, with a calculated courage that has already seen them define their lives along the road less travelled.

Sonia Deasy

Sonia Deasy is co-founder and CEO of Pestle & Mortar, an Irish skincare company which launched in 2014. Since the phenomenal success of her first formulation Sonia has catapulted the company onto the global stage. As a direct result of Sonia’s visionary formulation ethos, Pestle & Mortar has experienced exceptional global business performance for a company that was founded just five years ago. Sonia’s innovative formulation strategy is inspired by her sixth-generation Indian heritage in natural healing. With a formulation ethos of ‘less-is-more’, and a mission to enhance and protect natural beauty, Pestle & Mortar is a skincare brand that is committed  to providing simple solutions for beautiful skin. By combining natural extracts with high-performance technological actives, Sonia creates the most effective skincare solutions using as few ingredients as possible. Pestle & Mortar’s value systems have garnered a loyal customer following, testament to Sonia’s unique vision and flair for innovation.

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by Sonia Deasy, Pestle & Mortar

About a year ago, my sister who –  it’s important to note –  is older than me and therefore used to bossing me around, rang me. That in itself is not blog-worthy but the conversation we had is relevant to the recent launch of my new Pestle & Mortar eye cream, Recover. So basically, the call opened with her literally demanding that I formulate an eye cream as a matter of national urgency which would sort out the dark circles under her eyes and the wrinkles that she said had been slyly appearing ever since she hit 40.

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You’ve tried them all… creams, masks, toners and the occasional facial. But nothing gives you that Superstar skin feeling every day?

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