The Answer is Retinol

‘If you’re asking me, or any beauty editor with more than five minutes experience, what to do about pretty much any skincare issue – fine lines, brown spots, drooping, dullness, dark circles, gaping pores– retinol will likely be the central solution’

– Beauty Editor, Allure, 15 th December 2017

So, there it is. Retinol is the answer, and Superstar’s Retinoid night oil was listed by Allure in their ‘best of’ list, where the editor specifically searched for non-irritating retinols. She found 10 ‘stand-outs’ which were deemed to be ultra-effective and non-irritating. Read what the Allure Beauty Editor has to say about Pestle & Mortar’s Superstar Retinoid Night Oil here

If Retinol is the answer, what is the question?

Well, simply put, the question is ‘what skincare ingredient can combat pretty much all skin issues?’ Retinol is really the only proven component in any skincare product to reverse wrinkles. It literally prompts the skin to re-generate itself. Retinol in skincare can address dryness, dullness, ageing, wrinkles, lines, dark spots, enlarges pores and pimples. Pestle & Mortar’s Superstar night oil is blended in a base of cold-pressed rapeseed oil and is the perfect non-irritating retinol solution for all skin-types.

Read about Pestle & Mortar’s Superstar Night Oil here.

Oil on Oil? What’s the logic?

So, the oil on oil question…here’s the answer…skin will become oilier when the pH of your skin is off balance. This imbalance occurs when we use harsh exfoliants or soaps that strip the skin of natural oils. The skin then produces more oil to combat this. Using the right oil product can help balance and hydrate and prevent the oil glands from becoming too overactive. A Retinoid Oil like Superstar will re-balance oil-production and will stimulate the skin to regenerate and move through its natural life-cycle more quickly. According to Allure, Superstar has ‘the creds to back up its name’.

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