The Golden Rules of Gym Skincare

It’s January so let’s assume we’re all bouncing off to the gym with ponytails swinging and lycra clinging after a session of transcendental meditation to start the day, the year, the New You.

I said ‘assume’.

Anyhow, well done – whatever it is you have decided to do or not to do. In the off-chance that it does involve the gym, there follows the Golden Rules of Gym skincare – an area that if neglected can quickly negate the feel-good factor of your work-out. A toned body is a fine thing but doesn’t present as well as it might alongside congested dehydrated skin!

 1. Go bare-faced

Before working-out, cleanse your skin thoroughly and apply a light moisturiser. Make-up mixed with sweat is not a good combination – it will lead to clogged pores, dull skin and break-outs.

 2. Avoid touching or wiping your face with your hands

Use a handcloth to pat sweat from your face – gym equipment carries a host of sweat and bacteria which you don’t want to transfer to your hot and open pores.

 3. Stay hydrated

Your skin’s BFF in the gym is your water bottle. Keep sipping to stay hydrated during exercise and to reap the maximum benefits for your skin from your work-out.

 4. Shower soon & not too hot

Shower as soon as possible post work-out to clear the pores. Avoid a very hot shower as this will strip the skin of its natural oils. Opt for a short, lukewarm shower to rinse off and refresh.

 5. Cleanse gently 

Skin can be sensitive post work-out so ensure that your cleanser is gentle, nourishing and non-foaming. Apply a hydrating serum and light moisturiser after cleansing and stay make-up free for a couple of hours.

Enjoy your work-out, follow the golden rules and look forward to a fit body combined with happy, refreshed and rejuvenated skin!

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