Top 6 Tips to reduce Wrinkles, naturally!

Tips to reduce wrinkles naturally

You wake up one fine day and notice those dreaded fine lines on your face and neck. And you wish it were a bad dream. But time and wrinkles have a bad habit of slowly and surely creeping up on us, no matter how hard you wish them away. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just iron them out and get back your smooth young skin!

While you can’t completely undo what’s happened, you can always take extra care to prevent further wrinkles and reduce existing fine lines. Here are the top 6 tips to reduce and cure wrinkles –

Water, water everywhere!

Wrinkles ultimately are dehydrated loose skin – so the more water you drink, the lesser wrinkles you see. Add more juicy fruits and natural drinks to your diet and you’ll love the effect it has on your skin over time.

How do you quench your skin’s thirst topically? Give it pure hyaluronic serum to drink in – its ‘water multiplier effect’ helps your skin absorb and retain maximum moisture possible. Result – smoooooth, plump perked up skin in a matter of days!

Get your Beauty Sleep

Ever wonder why sleeping beauty never aged? Yes of course, her skin was getting all that beauty sleep! But it’s not just a matter of fairy tales; in reality too your skin needs and demands its share of sleep to look and work its normal age. Keep depriving it and you’re bound to age faster – with fine lines, wrinkles, puffy eyes, patchy skin all surfacing before you know.

So whenever you have trouble sleeping at night, just pull up those curtains, dim the lights, set the thermostat right, play some soft soothing music and relax your mind – nice, peaceful sleep will follow!

Banish the Sun!

You love the sun and the outdoors, but does the sun love your skin? Too much exposure to harmful UV rays affects your skin and leaves you parched and dehydrated.

It just takes a few minutes; apply UV protection sunscreen or moisturiser whenever you step out in the sun and take care to cover up with scarves, hats and sunglasses. Trust us, there’s no harm in playing ‘hide’ when the sun shines bright!

Stress no more!

Are you under stress? Don’t answer no, because we know that’s not possible for most of us in today’s day and age! Work, home, family, kids, friends, social gatherings – juggling all and being stress-free is not an easy target.

But as they say… ‘Why worry!’ After all, it won’t help any, except giving you those worry lines and permanent frown lines on your face. It’s a known fact, the happier you are – the happier your skin is. And happy skin looks young, fresh, full of life and radiance.

Get away from that Smoke

Whether you smoke or not, exposing your skin to harmful cigarette and tobacco fumes does irreversible damage. If you do smoke, we couldn’t stress enough how healthy it is to quit – for your body and your skin.

If you don’t, but are regularly around smokers at home or work; make it a point to stay away as long as the fumes are out there –because  it’s your skin that’s inhaling all those toxins and ageing much faster than you can imagine.

Take some Action –Go Natural!

Use natural home-made face cleansers (like milk-oatmeal-honey or milk- water-honey) regularly instead of strong chemical and alcohol based cosmetic cleansers. While you love the fragrance and colour of your cleansers – they secretly harm your skin every day.

Fresh home-made face packs work wonders to perk up your skin and reduce wrinkles. Take your pick – pineapple, tomato, avocado, banana or strawberries; and simply ‘mash-apply-leave-wash’! Fifteen to twenty minutes daily and you’ll begin to see results that you’ll love.

We at Pestle & Mortar are all about natural, healthy, glowing skin – make it your motto too! Follow these 6 simple steps to cure and reduce wrinkles forever. Because when you love your skin, it loves you back.

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